How To Improve Your Athletic Performance 

Ecrins Eaux Vives Rafting 17
If you have the desire to participate in extreme sports or get better at them, then it’s imperative that you work on improving your athletic performance. You have to be

What You Should Do Before Attempting Any Extreme Sport

Extreme sports are an adrenaline rush and can be an exhilarating experience, but you also want to have a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into before attempting them

The Essentials of Mastering Extreme Sports

If you are the type of person who seeks out thrills, love the rush of adrenalin, and has a passion for sporting pursuits, then extreme sports are definitely going to

Importance of Proper Support On Any Adventure

"Lancelin Ocean Classic"
Going on an adventure means getting off of the beaten trail. It means seeing sights rarely seen by other travelers and forging your own path. To do this, however, you

The Best Destinations for Extreme Sports

"Bungee jumping New Zealand 2"
Extreme sports have risen in popularity over the past few decades, and it’s not hard to see why. The adrenaline rush of these thrilling activities offers abuzz like no other


"Mt. Kenya Horseback Riding"
Kenya is one of the leading tourist destinations in Africa and across the world. More renowned for its warm tropical weather and white sandy beaches, the East African country also

How Extreme Sport and Travel Enthusiasts Become Professional Marksmen

Does adventure traveling make your heart race? Ever considered taking part in a sport shooting competition? Well, why not do both, at home and abroad? Sports shooting competitions have been

Top Tips For Getting Into Extreme Sports

If you are looking to get into extreme sports, but have previously been put off by comments from your friends or family, or even the initial expenditure, then make sure

Top Tips on Extreme Sports for The Novice Adrenaline Junkie

Extreme sports are fun, thrilling, and wild; but they can also be incredibly dangerous, especially for those just starting out. However, if you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie who is

Taking it to the Limit

"Snowkiting in Sugar Bowl Ski Resort"
Extreme sports represent the most thrilling physical challenges that the human mind can conjure up, and the increasing number of activities and participants is an indication of how popular the

Why Are Extreme Sports So Popular?

"kite skiing in alaska"
More and more people are beginning to realize that extreme sports, such as activities that include snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, and much more, are huge amounts of fun. They

Budget-Friendly Extremely Sports to Try At Least Once

If you are interested in extreme sports but don’t have a ton of money to spend, you will definitely want to know about some of the cheaper options that are

Tips to improve your athletic performance

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Whether you are new to extreme sports or looking to up your A-game, you’ll know full well the importance of improving your athletic performance. From skiing to snowboarding, bouldering to

4 Benefits of Participating in Extreme Sports

"Lancelin Ocean Classic"
The world of extreme sports has become huge over the past few years; thereare now a lot of events that are televised all over the world. Everyone who participates is

Three Extreme Sports Every Car Owner Should Try

"NASCAR Drag racing in Chicagoland Speedway"
Extreme sports are nothing new, but rarely do they receive as much attention and coverage as the more traditional sports out there. If you’ve got that daring side, the side

The 4 Best Extreme Sports to Try

If you’re looking for something new and feeling adventurous, why not try out an extreme sport? Here are four of the best extreme sports to try to get you the

Gift Guide for Extreme Sports Athletes

Extreme Sports Holiday
According to an interview with The LA Times and Temple University psychologist Frank Farley, extreme sports athletes say they take on grueling, terrifying feats for the sheer excitement of achieving the

5 Assured Health Benefits of Rock Climbing

''Spitzkoppe Rock Climbing''
While it cannot be denied that all forms of extreme sports can be very dangerous for the participating athletes, there are most certainly some awesome health benefits associated with them

How Regular Workouts Can Be Highly Beneficial for Your Extreme Sports Performance

Extreme sports are an amazing outlet for adrenalin, as well as an intense physical exercise that is highly demanding in all departments. Depending on what your activity of choice is,

Why Are Extreme Sports Worth The Risk?

"BASE Jumping at Navagio Beach"
Everyone who knows anything about extreme sports – and, to be honest, anyone who doesn’t know anything about extreme sports – understands that they are inherently dangerous. That’s why they’re

What You Need To Start Participating In Extreme Sports

If you’re someone who loves adventure and can’t wait for the next thrill then extreme sports may be for you. There’s a lot to learn before you decide to get

How to Improve Your Sports Performance

"Boardmasters Festival"
Do you want to take your sporting performance to the next level? Instead of spending more time hitting the slopes or riding the waves, you might simply need to increase

Five extreme sports you have to try

"volcano boarding"
Whether you are a die-hard extreme sports junkie or looking for a new challenge, then you’re in luck! For those looking to try something more exciting, extreme and even a

Staying Safe with Your Extreme Sports: What to Do

"Angelo Poulis Parkour"
When you love extreme sports, you must remember to stay safe. Otherwise, it’ll impact your health either now or in the future. That crash and burn off the skateboard could

3 Extreme Ways to Explore the World

If you harbor a passion for extreme sports, you may have considered taking your hobby further than your home state. Going to track races is fun, but what if you’re

Best Ways to Look After Your Extreme Sports Equipment

''Rock Climbing in Mt. Olympus''
For any extreme sports enthusiast, the feeling of doing something truly extraordinary and exciting is a large part of why they engage in the activity in the first place. There

5 Best Places in the World to Go for Your Extreme Sports Addiction

"5 Best Places in the World to Go for Your Extreme Sports Addiction"
Sliding down a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard is some people’s idea of a good time. Others like to jump off a cliff in a wingsuit and fly

The Benefits of Extreme Sports For Children

The Benefits of Extreme Sports For Children
Children nowadays are being mollycoddled when growing up. If they are not being protected by their parents, they are being protected by schools. There are many games and sports at

Top Tips on Taking Amazing Action Videos for YouTube

Action cameras such as the GoPro are now one of the most important things for those interested in filming or taking part in sports. The evolution of these cameras has

The Reasons Why We Go Extreme

"Corinthos 7 days"
Some people choose to take part in organized sports, or take gym classes; but really, is there any better way to switch off from your daily schedule than to take

Cyprus from above!

I have never performed an extreme sport in Cyprus. Most of us never did so. Now it’s about time to try it out because you can’t even imagine how many

Extreme Samurai!

"extreme samurai"
What’s the link between the Japanese fearsome warriors and extreme sports? The answer is “Noodles”! Have I gone crazy you ask? No… well, not entirely at least. But, trust me

Extreme Sports Vs Family Worries

If you have ‘that’ friend or relative who just loves all outdoors adventures and extremes, you are probably worried to death about what sort of life lies ahead for them.

Travelling for extreme sports?

"travelling for extreme sports"
Travelling is awesome! When combined with our favorite activities, it’s better. However, it’s the ultimate best when travelling for extreme sports! Some of the best locations around the world offer

Planning your workout for extreme sports

"planning your workout for extreme sports"
There is no doubt that extreme sports require a series of other extremes besides the extremity of the sport itself. Extreme strength, extreme endurance, extreme explosiveness; to say the least.

Single bamboo drifting

"single bamboo drifting"
If you find it hard to find your balance on an SUP board, try balancing on a bamboo pole! Single bamboo drifting is a distinct sport of the Dong people

Why do extreme athletes choose extreme sports?

Top Extreme Athletes: SKY
I’ve been going back and forth with this subject ever since I started writing about extreme sports. Why do extreme athletes choose extreme sports? Is it an absurd love for

Dave Mirra suffered from CTE when found dead

"dave mirra 2"
Doctors confirm that the BMX star who was found dead in a truck on February 4th, 2016, Dave Mirra suffered from CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). The disease is often found in

“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up” – Babe Ruth

What really motivates and inspires you to never give up once you have fallen? What wakes you up in the morning and makes you say, I’ll go for it again?

Stevie Smith, downhill sensation, died of brain injury at 26

"stevie smith downhill sensation dies"
It is with great sorrow that we write about the death of another great athlete and person. Stevie Smith, downhill sensation, died of brain injury at 26. Smith succumbed to

Awesome adventures for your summer holidays – Part #1

"Kayaking in Navarino Bay", Explore Messinia
Summer is approaching fast and if there is one thing that summer identifies with, this is holidays! For the extreme sports fan, holidays identifies – to say the least –


Parkour is the art of no limits, no boundaries, just flow! The sport’s origins go back to the 1980’s in France. Parkour originally developed as a training method in which

Extreme-ly unstoppable!

"extremely unstoppable"
Meet the extreme-ly unstoppable Jesi Stracham, a 23-year-old professional racer who grew up racing go-karts and the custom mini Grand Prix car that her dad built her. Before she was

You Got Lost?

"you got lost"
You got lost? Too many things you want to explore, too little time to look for it? Now, you can leave that to us! Our new “Booking” system, featured on

Wasatch Mountain Film Festival

"Wasatch Mountain Film Festival"
2016 is the second year that the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival gathers people together to enjoy a series of documentaries and ultimately to raise awareness around the human interaction with

Extreme Movie Night Vol.3

"Extreme Movie Night Vol.3"
It’s been a while since I last recommended a movie or documentary. These days you can find reviews and comments on movies anywhere on the web. My purpose is not

The 2016 Extreme Sailing Series

"the 2016 extreme sailing series"
The 2016 Extreme Sailing Series celebrates this year its tenth season and the ISAF itself already refers to this Special Event on its calendar as the most exciting one up

Skydive this Xmas!

"Skydive this Xmas!"
Everybody knows that Christmas is about sharing love, things and what is more… D R E A M S ! So, why don’t you pick up some friends and turn your dream into

Extreme sports Christmas gifts

"Extreme sports christmas gifts"
Christmas is the season of sharing. Showing our love often comes with sharing gifts and the extreme sports fans are not an exception. We have put together some basic guidelines

The Endless Summer – Extreme movie night

"The Endless Summer"
I am not a surfer myself, but after watching this film I strongly believe that all surfers have to watch it at least once. So, if the sea is flat

World’s Biggest Athletes Naked

"naked 7"
Olympic Games record men and women, professional athletes, world’s champions but most of all dedicated souls working with their body as a tool, strike some amazing poses, demonstrating its strenght

Point Break: Extreme sports athletes conquer Hollywood

"Point Break 2015 trailer"
Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. are currently working on a remake of the film “Point Break”, written by Kurt Wimmer (“Salt,” “Law Abiding Citizen”) and directed by Ericson Core (“Invincible”).

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