"Mt. Kenya Horseback Riding"
Kenya is one of the leading tourist destinations in Africa and across the world. More renowned for its warm tropical weather and white sandy beaches, the East African country also

What Does It Take to Create a Great Skydiving Business?

"St Kilda Victoria Skydiving"
There are several factors that you will need to take into consideration before starting a skydiving business. It is essential to have all the key components in place to ensure

5 Best Places in the World to Go for Your Extreme Sports Addiction

"5 Best Places in the World to Go for Your Extreme Sports Addiction"
Sliding down a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard is some people’s idea of a good time. Others like to jump off a cliff in a wingsuit and fly

Luke Aikins on a skydive without parachute!

"luke aikins"
Many things in life seem impossible, until someone with the proper amount of courage and the right approach proves otherwise. This was the case of Luke Aikins who set on

Top Extreme Athletes: SKY

Lots of sports, many extreme sports, more athletes but…JUST some of these athletes are extreme enough to admire them for several reasons. This is a series article, so keep reading!!! Beginning

Wingboarding – Coming soon!!!

"Wingboarding - coming soon"
Wingboarding is to wakeboarding, what skydiving is to scuba diving… sort of! Briefly speaking, wingboarding is the new – still under construction – extreme sport in which the athlete is

Skydivers decorated their own Christmas tree!

Yes, Christmas is wonderful and merry, but the extreme sports thrill-seekers will always look for ways to give Christmas a hint of extreme too. So did the group of skydivers

Skydive this Xmas!

"Skydive this Xmas!"
Everybody knows that Christmas is about sharing love, things and what is more… D R E A M S ! So, why don’t you pick up some friends and turn your dream into

Wingsuit Hot Air Balloon Jump

"balloon 1"
Parachuting can be considered a common flying activity among fly sports fans, however jumping off a hot air balloon and floating over 6,000 ft high on a wingsuit, can certainly

Shotgun Balloon Skydiving Drop

"Shotgun Ballon Drop"
GoPro Athlete Erik Roner let a bunch of 90 weather balloons float him at 8,000 feet into the sky in a lawn chair. Watch how he pops the balloons with

World’s Largest Urban Zipline in Panama City

"Panama zipline"
Director Devin Graham, commonly known in the web as Devin Supertramp, has filmed another 3-minute, action packed video that would let you speechlesss. Watch how these courageous devils climb to

BASE jumping off Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building

"Base Jump Dubai'
Watch how reknown skydivers, Fred Fugen and Vincent Reffet wrote their own history and a new BASE jump world record, jumping off the famous 828m/2,717ft high Burj Khalifa Tower in

Synchronized Skydive in Dubai

"Skydive in Dubai"
Skydiving can be considered to be nowadays a common extreme sport. However, dancing in the air while falling from 10,000 ft is not that common. Watch how Russian skydivers Aleksander

The 12,500ft marriage proposal

"Skydive Wedding Proposal"
Looking for an original marriage proposal? Watch Brandon Strohbehn who takes a skydiving flight with his current fiancé Nicole Nepomuceno for an unforgettable skydive in San Diego, USA while he’s

TOP 10 Skydiving destinations

"Skydiving at False Bay"
Xtremespots.com presents the ten most famous destinations among its followers for skydiving around the globe. 1) Zadar, Croatia Zadar is a city with rich cultural heritage, located in Croatia on

“Freefly the World” – Synchronized Skydive over Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

"Freefly the World Lauterbrunnen Switzerland "
Jokke Sommer and Petter Jonsson can be considered to be as the master chiefs of synchronized skydiving. Launching their “Freefly the World” tour, they have performed a breathtaking skydive jump

Sky Diving Elephants? Is This Real?..

Elephants can do skydiving, a turtle can easily slide on a skateboard oval arena while coyotes enjoy a roller coaster ride! If animals can do all these stuff, then where

Jetman flying in the sky of Dubai!!

Yves Rossy a.k.a Jetman, an ex fighter pilot, performs an impressive formation flight with Veres Zoltan, an Aerobatics Champion in Dubai, exceeding the limits of aviation. Jet-packs are real. The future

52 Skydivers from all around the world set flight formation world record!!!

A group of 60 international skydivers jumped off three separate planes in Phoenix, Arizona and 52 of them managed to hold hands, creating an amazing upright display. What a stunning achievement!!

Guess what hit this tandem instructor in the face???

Ooohhhh a SHOE!!!!!  | 01:53 Watch what could happen during a crazy skydiving experience, where not only a shoe appears out of the blue in the instructor’s face, but also

Skydiving in Florida – Real Thrill and Laughter

Florida offers many fantastic spots for skydiving, all year long. No matter which drop off zone in Florida you chose, you are guaranteed to have a good time. The Florida

All You Need To Know About Skydiving in Arizona

"Arizona skydiving"
For adventure seekers, the prospect of rapidly descending high above Arizona’s stunning landscape is a reason enough to arrange a skydiving trip in this part of the country. Every view