5 Sports You Should Try At least Once in Your Life

"Sardinia Rock Climbing"
Sports are something that can be indulged in by pros and beginners alike. You don’t have to be the next Michael Jordan to play basketball, neither do you need to

Best Ways to Look After Your Extreme Sports Equipment

''Rock Climbing in Mt. Olympus''
For any extreme sports enthusiast, the feeling of doing something truly extraordinary and exciting is a large part of why they engage in the activity in the first place. There

Deadly weekend in the French Alps cost 5 people their lives

"deadly weekend in the french alps"
Two climbers, a wingsuit jumper, a paraglider and a hang glider instructor are the five extreme sports athletes who lost their lives this past deadly weekend in the French Alps. Early

Steph Davis’ comeback!

Steph Davis is a professional climber who lost her husband in a wingsuit crash and considered giving up on everything. She made her first moves towards Base jumping after splitting with her

Is a 14-year-old girl the best climber in the world?

Ashima Shiraishi is a New York teen who’s rocking the climbing world!! The previous year, at the age of 13 (!), when most of her peers are dealing with their

The Swiss machine, climber Ueli Steck beats his own Eiger record!

Just a few days ago, the Swiss climber Uerli Steck managed to do the impossible. He climbed one of the most dangerous mountains in the world, the mountain Eiger in Switcherland

Ueli Steck: The “Swiss Machine” sets new climbing record goal

"Ueli 1"
While any extreme sport athlete may currently focus on summer destinations for any extreme sport performance, Ueli Steck, also commonly known as the “Swiss Machine”, a famous speed mountain climber,

Climbing the Frozen Niagara Falls

"Climbing Niagara Falls"
Professional climber and paraglider from Alberta, Canada and one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year, Will Gadd, has decided to challenge himself by taking ice climbing to a new

“Spiderman” in Paris

"Spiderman in Paris"
Alain Robert, is known as the free styled French “Spiderman’ who has climbed some of the world’s tallest buildings without permission. At the age of 39, his conquests already include

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