badenova Masters 2018 – Sick Jibs in the Depths of the Black Forest

"banenova Masters"
The 5th stop of QParks Tour took place within a beautiful Black Forest-region and presented sick contest action and smooth tunes from the speakers.  badenova Masters was a real freestyle spectacle for

Gold & Glory Axamer Lizum – Fine “Grey & Gloomy”-Session

"Axamer Lizum"
A wide number of ultra motivated riders from different countries, loads of prize cash and goodies and a perfectly shaped contest line made the fourth stop of the QParks Tour to have everything a wild

Penken BattleMayrhofen – Freestyle at its Best

On February 3rd, a number of highly motivated riders fought a mega-battle at the Penken Park Mayrhofen. The 3rd stop of the QParks Tour – thePenken Battle – had everything one

Blue Tomato Plan P – Freestyle-Showdown at Planai

"Blue Tomato Plan P"
A whole bunch of riders from many different countries competed each other last weekend in Blue Tomato Plan P, Superpark Planai in Austria and a big freestyle party was set off along

Battle ROJal 2018 – Heavy Fog turned Contest into Jib Session

"Battle ROJal 2018"
The 1st qparks tour stop Battle ROJal in Snowpark Schöneben was planned to be a huge celebration for the 15 years of QParks as well as for the beginning of

QParks Tour 2018 – Contests for Riders

"Q-Parks Tour Photo by Felix Pirker"
As the biggest rookie contest series for freeskiers and snowboarders in the Alps, the QParks Tour will once again live up to its name: At 9 stops in 4 countries, the aspiring

Nock ‘N’ Rock Results 2017

"Nock 'N' Rock 2017"
The 4th QParks Tour Stop was completed on February 11th, 2017. Taking place at Turracher Höhe, a high grade ski resort in Austria, participants consisted of incredibly top-notch riders from

Sick Trick Tour Open 2017 – Results

"Sick Trick Tour Open 2017"
The 6th stop of the QParks Tour, Sick Trick Tour Open 2017 was completed on the 19th of February in Snowpark Kitzbühel, Austria with highly motivated and on fire young riders. Although the

QParks Tour Finals

After three months of what has been a super exciting tour across the Alps, it is finally time for the QParks Tour Finals! The Tour’s 10th and final stop will

Last QParks Tour Stop before Grand Finals!

"Last QParks Tour Stop before grand finals"
Qparks calling all freeskiers and snowboarders! This is the last QParks Tour Stop before grand finals day in mid April. On March 19, 2016, freestyle professionals alongside young aspiring freeski

Penken Battle and 8th QParks Tour Stop

The Vans Penken Park welcomes the Penken Battle and 8th QParks Tour Stop of the 2015/16 season. All freestyle contestants are preparing to rip the park with smooth rides and spectacular

The Bohny Masters Feldberg Powered by MINI

Calling all freeskiers and snowboarders! Gear up, warm up and get ready for the 7th QParks Tour Stop – The Bohny Masters Feldberg powered by MINI. The event is expected to

Time for the 6th QParks Tour Stop of the season

"Time for the 6th QParks Tour Stop of the season"
Time flies and it’s already time for the 6th QParks Tour Stop of the season. Turracher Höhe Snowpark in Turracher Höhe, Austria is preparing to welcome Europe’s and not only,

5th QParks Tour Stop meets Sick Trick Tour Open!

The 13th of February 2016 marks the date for the Sick Trick Tour Open and the 5th QParks Tour Stop of the season and everybody is looking forward to it!

Action is in Switzerland for the 4th QParks Tour Stop

"Action is in Switzerland for the 4th QParks Tour Stop"
As the QParks Tour is heating up, all action is in Switzerland for the 4th QParks Tour Stop of the season! Gstaad Snowpark is getting ready to welcome the young

The QParks Tour 2015/2016

"Blue Tomato Plan P"
Ready for take-off or not, the QParks Tour 2015/2016 has begun and is already counting two very successful events and soon going for the 3rd! The majestic scenery of the

3rd QParks Tour Stop

"3rd qparks tour stop"
About a month after a very successful 2nd QParks Tour Stop in Austria, it is now time for the 3rd QParks Tour Stop of the season. The event is taking

Schladming welcomes the 2nd QParks Tour Stop

"Blue Tomato Plan P"
The small yet beautiful former-mining town of Schladming in Austria is getting ready to welcome the 2nd QParks Tour Stop of the season! After a very successful 1st QParks Tour Stop,