4 Outdoor Sports and The Best Locations for Them

As of 2003, the World Sports Encyclopedia said that there were at least 8,000 indigenous sports and sporting games. This means that there are likely to be millions of sports

5 Sports You Should Try At least Once in Your Life

"Sardinia Rock Climbing"
Sports are something that can be indulged in by pros and beginners alike. You don’t have to be the next Michael Jordan to play basketball, neither do you need to

The Top 10 Places to Go Skiing

"Alpine Skiing"
There are many places across the globe that offer brilliant facilities when it comes to skiing. Knowing where to go beforehand can help you make the right choice and get

The Extreme Sporting Guide to India

When you think extreme sports, you think New Zealand, but there is so much the world has to offer. India, for instance, is a beautiful country with beautiful people. It

Things you need to know about online forums

An online forum is simply a dialogue among one or multiple individuals or groups, but, done digitally. The discussion could be on any topic. This gives individuals an excellent platform

Let It Snow!!!

Cyprus has been covered in white…and this year Cypriots are going to live the whitest Christmas ever! This is because there is also snow even in the nearest villages to Troodos

Extreme movie night – Eddie The Eagle

"eddie the eagle"
I really enjoy a good biography movie. If it involves sports, even better. I watched Eddie The Eagle recently and it made quite an impression on me. Don’t expect high end

Horizon Festival 2016 is calling!

"horizon festival 2016 is calling"
Horizon Festival 2016 is calling all winter mountain sports and music fans for 6 unforgettable days and nights, up high on Bulgaria’s beautiful and unexplored mountains! For the fourth time,

Meet Anders Backe

"Meet Anders Backe"
Meet Anders Backe! The talented skier from Norway, Anders Backe had a super busy November and he is sharing with us some photos. Trully breathtaking scenery from Geilo, Norway – www.instagram.com/vegardbreie

Flow Film Festival – All about board sports

"Flow Film Festival"
It’s the final countdown perhaps to the biggest board sports event in Greece, the much anticipated Flow Film Festival. The event involves screenings of movies and documentaries from the International

Epic ski line!!!

Cody Townsend, a charismatic skiing athlete rockets through an almost fully enclosed runway, bringing a rare combination of style, speed and power. Is this extreme skiing or not?? Congratulations!!!

Virtual reality alpine sports!!!

Skiing fanatics with a tendency for gadgets will definitely be interested in the world’s first true augmented reality ski goggles. RideOn augmented reality goggles bring skiing and snowboarding into the future with a