Tony Hawk still lands a “900” at 48!

"tony hawk"
Tony Hawk is one of the skateboarding phenomena of our era. Perhaps the most famous to be involved in the sport. World renowned by the age of 16, Tony Hawk

Flow Film Festival – All about board sports

"Flow Film Festival"
It’s the final countdown perhaps to the biggest board sports event in Greece, the much anticipated Flow Film Festival. The event involves screenings of movies and documentaries from the International

Danny Way breaks his own highest air record

"danny way world record"
What if he kept relatively quiet on his world record breaking habit? Danny Way, perhaps the most legendary skateboarder of all, broke his own highest air on a skateboard record

The Legend – Way(t) for it – Danny

"the legend"
“Nothing is too gnarly” – Danny Way It is very unlikely to recognize his name, unless you are a serious skateboarding aficionado. You might have heard though, of what he

Red Bull Feel The Wheel 2015

"Feel the wheel"
Last year’s premiere of an entirely new discipline among skateboarding has marked a great success and this year again it has been confirmed that factories in the longboard-cross is one

William Spencer: Spider-Man’s Skating Stunt Double

"William Spencer"
William Spencer is known in the world of skateboarding from his amazing skate tricks, but did you know that this young parkour/skateboarding master is also the Spider-Man’s skating stunt double?

Metallica to perform at X Games Austin 2015

This years X Games event won’t be the same. Reknowned extreme athletes will be performing their tricks while Metallica will be headlining this action packed weekend at Circuit of the

Point Break: Extreme sports athletes conquer Hollywood

"Point Break 2015 trailer"
Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. are currently working on a remake of the film “Point Break”, written by Kurt Wimmer (“Salt,” “Law Abiding Citizen”) and directed by Ericson Core (“Invincible”).

JACKALOPE action sports festival More action, more performance!

"Jackalope 2014"
Montréal, Wednesday, July 2, 2014 – After an unprecedented success with MUD ROCKER last weekend, which welcomed some 18,000 people, Tribu Expérientiel  and the Action Sports Association are set to