7 Challenging Water Sports to Tone Your Body

7 Challenging Water Sports to Tone Your Body
Are you looking for an adrenaline-filled activity to tone your body? If so, there are plenty of fantastic water sports that should be on your bucket list. Find out the

Snow Kiting in Alaska with Damien LeRoy

"kite skiing in alaska"
There aren’t really any limitations to a creative person, and athletes are extremely creative; more so are extreme sports athletes. Damien Leroy is, beyond any doubt, exemplary in this category

Extreme Women – Bruna Kajiya

"extreme women bruna kajiya"
Water is Life! For some lucky individuals, their entire life evolves around water. Bruna Kajiya is one of them! Born and raised on the water, Bruna developed from an early

What’s the best extreme sport for the solo traveller? – Kitesurfing

"best extreme sport for the solo traveller"
The debate over what’s the best extreme sport for the solo traveller has been going on both in my mind – in esoteric conversation – as well as in discussions with friends.

Awesome summer adventures – Part #2

Depending on which part of the planet you are going to find yourself this summer, you can enjoy a quite big variety of summer extreme sports. Regardless of the place

Zanzibar: Kitesurfing Paradise

"Zanzibar 2015 kitesurf"
If you are looking for an alternative location to kitesurf, then Zanzibar is the African pearl of the Indian Ocean no to be missed. Flysurfing riders Lukas & Andrea spent

Ten Days with LEN10: Live Life!

"Live Life"
Famous kitesurfer athlete Ruben Lenten presents in this second episode of ”Ten days with LEN10:Live Life” his amazing experience of freediving with sharks in Durban, South Africa. Watch how Ruben

Metallica to perform at X Games Austin 2015

This years X Games event won’t be the same. Reknowned extreme athletes will be performing their tricks while Metallica will be headlining this action packed weekend at Circuit of the

Airstyle Hangout Ras Sudr The Complete Story

Airstyle kitesurfing is one of the yet rather underestimated disciplines in kiteboarding – probably because it is somehow hard to find the right way to compete. Toby Braeuer and his friends

Big Air´n Style On The Rise Open Airstyle Hangout

"Open Airstyle Hangout "
Who thinks kiteboarding offers more than freestyle-jumps with handle passes should read on now. Toby Braeuer, for many grandmaster of old-school-kiteboarding and godfather of Airstyle, invites the kiting world to