Staying Safe with Your Extreme Sports: What to Do

"Angelo Poulis Parkour"
When you love extreme sports, you must remember to stay safe. Otherwise, it’ll impact your health either now or in the future. That crash and burn off the skateboard could

Tragic death of 17-year old Nye Frankie Newman marked the dawn of 2017

"Nye Frankie Newman"
The new year has set off with the wrong foot, as the tragic death of 17-year old Nye Frankie Newman marked the dawn of 2017. Fate has been unfair with

Dreamland by Jason Paul and Dimitris ‘DK’ Kyrsanidis

"dreamland by jason paul and dimitris dk kyrsanidis"
Imagination is a gift that all athletes have. Extreme sports athletes come to this world with an extra shot of imagination in their genes. As the great Albert Einstein said


Parkour is the art of no limits, no boundaries, just flow! The sport’s origins go back to the 1980’s in France. Parkour originally developed as a training method in which

William Spencer: Spider-Man’s Skating Stunt Double

"William Spencer"
William Spencer is known in the world of skateboarding from his amazing skate tricks, but did you know that this young parkour/skateboarding master is also the Spider-Man’s skating stunt double?

Pedro Salgado: Catch me if you can

"Pedro Salgado"
Watch how the talented Portugues parkour – free runner Pedro Salgado speeds up and eliminates any obstacles on his way to run away from himself and without any vehicles, but

A real zombie parkour apocalypse!!

Dying light, an upcoming action survival game, released at the end of the month is the inspiration for this parkour video that can get you really excited, showing the POV of a

JACKALOPE action sports festival More action, more performance!

"Jackalope 2014"
Montréal, Wednesday, July 2, 2014 – After an unprecedented success with MUD ROCKER last weekend, which welcomed some 18,000 people, Tribu Expérientiel  and the Action Sports Association are set to