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Extreme sports are an amazing outlet for adrenalin, as well as an intense physical exercise that is highly demanding in all departments. Depending on what your activity of choice is, how often you perform it will depend on different factors. These range from weather and regional geography to your local propensity for organizing events which contain them.

How to Stay Prepared

No matter if you’re into bungee jumping, snowboarding or even something as unique and specifically catered such as volcano surfing, chances are this isn’t something you get to do daily. Therefore, it’s important to keep on training when you’re at home or at the gym.

Staying in shape won’t only help you get a better track record the next time around, but it will also ensure that you stay safe out there. On top of that, working out at home towards this goal is what can make the difference between those who are qualified for this lifestyle and those who are not. Here are some examples of regular workouts that are highly beneficial for your extreme sports performance, along with the four reasons why.


1. Maintain Endurance

Any seasoned extreme sports enthusiast will tell you that endurance is incredibly important. When your activity is in season, keeping up will seem easier. But when you have to take a break, you might lose the constructive results that you had earned through all your hard work in the field.

Fortunately, regular exercise sessions can help. One of the best ways to maintain and even improve your endurance levels is represented by rapid bouts of intense workout. A good example of this is running up and down stairs, then make sure to get plenty of rest afterward. Your goal should be to stay in shape, not tire yourself out.

2. Improve Flexibility

Staying limber is essential when you’re performing extreme sports. When you’re in the rush of the moment and must think fast, you don’t want your body to fail you. But while you might be in perfect physical condition while performing, when your favorite activity goes out of season this can all change if you don’t train.

The good news is that a few at-home stretching exercises have amazing resultson your flexibility. And if you’re looking for a full workout, yoga is something to consider. The convenient thing about it is that you can attend a class, while at the same time performing some of the routines at home for increased efficiency and better results.

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©Paddle Divas

3. Stay Strong

Every athlete knows that strength is the core of performing any type of activity in this field, from the daily ones to more strenuous and specific endeavors such as engaging in extreme sports. This is why it’s important to keep your strength up and be prepared for any challenge that might lie ahead.

According to Men’s Fitness, the key to a perfect workout focused on developing strength lies in four crucial elements: squads, deadlifts, bench presses and shoulder presses. Furthermore, these need to be sustained by a healthy dose of cardio to also help build muscle tissue. However, it’s crucial that this is done in short and intense bursts as opposed to sustained long-term workouts, so keep that in mind.

4. Work on Balance

Last, but certainly not least, having good balance is essential for your extreme sports career. As you already know by now, this isn’t only good for your safety, but also for your overall performance. The best exercises to improve your balance are:

  • Pendulum
  • One-legged squat lift
  • Single-leg deadlift

Either one of these performed in sets, or even a combination of them works wonders for your balance and you will see the results in no time at all. And the best thing about it is that you can do them at home if you want to.


To be successful in the field of extreme sports, you must be passionate about your activity of choice. On top of that, you need stamina and exemplary levels of physical fitness to carry you out through all your ventures. Strength, endurance, balance,and flexibility are vital traits no matter the action, so make sure to always improve upon them.

Mike Jones editor at Exercise Bikes Expert