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Whether you are a die-hard extreme sports junkie or looking for a new challenge, then you’re in luck! For those looking to try something more exciting, extreme and even a little bit dangerous, there are plenty of sporting options to offer you diversity from your usual gym session or post-football game. Perhaps you want to simply try something different because you’re bored and an adrenaline rush is exactly what the doctor ordered. Whatever the reason, here are five extreme sports you have to try.

"volcano boarding"


Extreme basketball

You might normally enjoy shooting a few hoops with friends, but how about taking your ball skills to a whole new level that’ll make traditional basketball seem boring in comparison? Extreme basketball takes all those skills that you may already have and challenges them. Think fast paced shootouts, some serious dribbling, fast footwork, and trampolines if you want to become a serious extreme basketball contender.

First and foremost, you will need a decent pair of sneakers to keep your feet well supported and to prevent injury, learn more here. Next, check out what’s on in your local area. You will need to be prepared to practice day and night to improve your ball technique and become a well-rounded player. Finally, you will need to begin improving your shooting form. Remember that you can’t learn this overnight, so make sure that you take time to learn from your coach and get ready to put in the time and effort courtside if you want to launch yourself as the next big thing in the basketball world.

Volcano boarding

Perhaps snowboarding is too tame for you, or maybe you don’t have snow in your parts? How about whizzing down the slopes of a live volcano, on nothing more than a board made out of wood, instead? If this ticks all your boxes, then volcano boarding could be for you! Top global volcano boarding locations include Nicaragua, Bolivia and Vanuatu, one of the islands west of Fiji. However, this high-risk sport requires you wearing a full-body suit and goggles to protect yourself from poisonous gases, burns, molten lava and grains from volcanic ash. You will be travelling at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour, so the risks are incredibly high. Plus, don’t forget you will have to hike up the volcano slopes before you can come back down.

"slacklining over fire and ice"


If you have great balance and enjoy walking on the wild side, then slacklining could be the ideal extreme sport for you. During slacklining, you will find yourself balancing on a narrow strip of nylon cord, as you walk between trees, across canyons or even between high-rise buildings. There are three types of slacklining, depending on your skills and experience. Trick line, or low line, is ideal for beginners, as you can use it to develop your tricks and balance while only a small distance from the ground. Long line involves walking up to a 30-metre distance across a taught nylon line. The further the distance, the more risk you face from swinging and swaying lines, so you will need to make sure that your rigging is up to scratch to prevent any wobbling. Highline is incredibly physically and mentally challenging, meaning you can quite literally take to the skies! As you develop your skills the distance from the ground can increase, seeing you take on stomach-churning heights and impressing both yourself and your friends. You may have already seen viral sensation, Spencer Seabrooke, walk along a 64-metre gap some 290 meters from the ground – without a safety harness. So if you think that you could do better, then slacklining may be the extreme sport for you!



New Zealand is not only home to the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies and picturesque scenery; it’s also where zorbing was invented. This extreme sport involves you rolling down a steep hill or even across water in a large plastic ball, at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. Not one for people with weak stomachs, zorbing is also an unusual extreme sport as you can enjoy it alone or with friends.

Zorbing is a fairly low-impact extreme sport, designed for fun rather than a serious adrenaline rush. You can also perform zorbing on a flat, level area meaning that the rider has even more control over the orb. Increasing numbers of theme parks across the US, Europe and Japan offer ‘themed’ zorbing experiences, such as bubble zorbing, soccer zorbing and even snow bowling. Check your immediate or surrounding areas for zorbing near you, you may be surprised at how popular a sport it is.

"Scuba Diving in the underwater sculpture museum of Cancun"


Underwater Hockey

You might enjoy playing hockey on the surface, so how about underwater? Invented in the 1950s by bored divers, players will need to use a mask, snorkel and fins while hitting the puck using a small stick. Ideal for developing your lung capacity, and keeping fit, underwater hockey requires players to breathe through their snorkels on the surface of the water, before diving down to continue their game. Teams consist of ten players, however, only six people can play in the water at one time. You will need to learn speed, agility and skill not to mention some aggressive moves if you want to retain the ball and score in your opponents goal.

If you are looking for a new hobby, or want to get up off your sofa and get active, then why not consider trying out a new extreme sport? Whether you are in pursuit of risk or danger, or perhaps you just want to try getting fit and meeting new people, then extreme sports are the ideal way to meet new people and learn a new skill. While you won’t be able to practice all of these sports close to home, learning an extreme sport also provides you with the opportunity to travel and explore the world. So if you want to test yourself and try something new, then consider trying out an extreme sport – the world’s your oyster!