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If you have the desire to participate in extreme sports or get better at them, then it’s imperative that you work on improving your athletic performance. You have to be dedicated and committed enough to want to enhance your abilities, so you can outshine your competitors and ultimately take home the prize.

Your first decision is to never settle for mediocre; instead focus on how you can perform to the best of your ability during each new competition. Take note of how you’ve done in the past and set goals for what you want to see yourself achieve in the future. Remain patient because this sort of transformation is a process and it will take time before you experience the results you desire.

Ecrins Eaux Vives Rafting 17

Hit the Gym

Strength, flexibility, and endurance all matter a great deal when it comes to participating in an extreme sport. One way to improve your athletic performance is to hit the gym more often so you can build up your muscle and get in shape. Participate in a mix of movements, such as running and lifting weights to help you shed unwanted pounds so that you can look and feel your best. Come up with a regular routine you can follow, and one that fits in your schedule, so you stay on track and can consistently challenge your body with a rigorous sweat session.


Unfortunately, your athletic performance isn’t going to improve without any effort on your part or by you merely thinking about how you want to be better! You’ll need to practice and practice a lot if you’re going to improve over time. You need to get in the habit of performing the same action or doing the same sport over and over again so that you can set goals for what you want to work on and overcome any obstacles. You can’t expect to choose an extreme sport you want to participate in and naturally excel without putting in time to practice and gauge your shortcomings and talents. Figure out what drills are best suited for your specific extreme sport of choice and do them over and over again, so you continue to improve your response time.

Find A Role Model

What will help you improve your athletic performance a great deal is to find a role model who you can strive to be like as you engage in your extreme sport. For instance, go online to find out more info about someone in particular that a lot of people look up to and admire for their athletic performance. Follow your role model and learn more about how they approach each match or competition and what they do to train for the big stage. Soak up the tips they’re willing to offer and try to implement their strategies as you work on improving your athletic performance.

Focus on Your Mindset

How you perform in your extreme sport will depend on more than just how physically fit you are. You need to also focus on your mindset and attitude and make sure you’re in a good place mentally before you engage in your extreme sport of choice. You’ll need to search within yourself and find that extra boost of energy and motivation when your body becomes tired, and your legs or arms feel like giving out. It’s also a wise idea to work on positive self-talk so that you can get yourself through the various obstacles you’ll face and remain optimistic in your abilities even when you see people doing better than you.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Improve your diet, and you’ll also likely see your athletic performance improve as well. Stay away from junk food, added sugar and alcohol and feed your body with nutritious foods such as lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. What you choose to eat acts as your fuel so you can continue to perform well for an extended period of time. Keep in mind that the more you workout and train the more of the right kind of calories you’re going to need to consume. If you need help in this area, it might be in your best interest to hire a nutritionist who can work with you to help you choose the right foods and ensure your performance is enhanced by your diet.

Get Plenty of Sleep & Rest

Participating in an extreme sport is grueling and taxing on your body. The continuous motions and challenging exercises will take a toll on you physically so it’s essential you get plenty of sleep and rest so that your muscles can recover. You can improve your athletic performance when you’re well-rested and have a lot of natural energy to keep you going. Try to get on a schedule where you’re going to bed and waking up around the same time each day and configure your room, so it’s inviting, dark enough and at the right temperature. Most importantly, listen to your body and take breaks when necessary, so you don’t injure yourself.

"Greta Marchegger"

Continue to Challenge Yourself

The only way to truly improve your outcome is to keep increasing your intensity levels and challenging yourself. Continuously set new goals as you reach your current ones and switch up your workouts, so you’re always putting your mind and body to the test. Monitor your performance times after each race or competition and make an effort to surpass it the next time around. Set the bar high and don’t be afraid to fail once in a while because it’ll likely only motivate you to keep trying harder as you move forward.


Not everyone is born an athlete, but it is possible for anyone to become one. What will make this possible is for you to focus on improving your athletic performance over time. Use these tips as a starting point as you embark on your journey of taking on an extreme sport. Continue to push hard and focus and it’s likely you’ll soon be unstoppable and even surprise yourself with how you’re able to enhance your skills and abilities quickly.