Extreme Samurai!

"extreme samurai"
What’s the link between the Japanese fearsome warriors and extreme sports? The answer is “Noodles”! Have I gone crazy you ask? No… well, not entirely at least. But, trust me

BMX ambassador Daniel Dhers

"BMX ambassador daniel dhers"
Daniel Dhers is legend of the BMX Park world. His year-after-year consistency in winning every park competition he entered since his first one in 2006 and conquering not just the fans,

Extreme women – Shanaze Reade

"Shanaze Reade"
By nature, I am one of those people who believe that one can do anything they want in this world as long as they want it and work for it with all

Dave Mirra suffered from CTE when found dead

"dave mirra 2"
Doctors confirm that the BMX star who was found dead in a truck on February 4th, 2016, Dave Mirra suffered from CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). The disease is often found in

Dave Mirra, X Games winner and BMX star, found dead

"Dave Mirra, X Games winner and BMX star, found dead"
Dave Mirra, X Games winner and BMX star, found dead at the age of 41… The sad news of his death were announced by the Greenville Police Department in an online

Nitro Circus 2015:The breathtaking show is back!

It all started in 2003 when action sports superstar Travis Pastrana along with Jeremy Rawle and Gregg Godfrey made DVD’s from a garage in Utah. Since then, Nitro Circus has

X Games 2015: Ryan Nyquist’s come back for gold in Austin

"Ryan Nyquist"
Ryan Nyquist is a legend in BMX tricks performance and undoubtedly a talented rider who dominates the arenas since 2003. With more than ten years since his last victory at

Metallica to perform at X Games Austin 2015

This years X Games event won’t be the same. Reknowned extreme athletes will be performing their tricks while Metallica will be headlining this action packed weekend at Circuit of the