Why Watersports Could Be The Best Sport For Fitness

"Miguel Blanco"
Are you looking for a new sport to boost your fitness levels? Or are you searching for an exciting activity to help you lose some extra weight going into the

4 Outdoor Sports and The Best Locations for Them

As of 2003, the World Sports Encyclopedia said that there were at least 8,000 indigenous sports and sporting games. This means that there are likely to be millions of sports

Staying Safe with Your Extreme Sports: What to Do

"Angelo Poulis Parkour"
When you love extreme sports, you must remember to stay safe. Otherwise, it’ll impact your health either now or in the future. That crash and burn off the skateboard could

Best Ways to Look After Your Extreme Sports Equipment

''Rock Climbing in Mt. Olympus''
For any extreme sports enthusiast, the feeling of doing something truly extraordinary and exciting is a large part of why they engage in the activity in the first place. There

7 Challenging Water Sports to Tone Your Body

7 Challenging Water Sports to Tone Your Body
Are you looking for an adrenaline-filled activity to tone your body? If so, there are plenty of fantastic water sports that should be on your bucket list. Find out the

The Benefits of Extreme Sports For Children

The Benefits of Extreme Sports For Children
Children nowadays are being mollycoddled when growing up. If they are not being protected by their parents, they are being protected by schools. There are many games and sports at

If skateboarding can make it into the Olympics, could Stunt Scooters be next?

"surfers and skateboarders dreaming olympic dreams"
Some people were surprised at the recently announced introduction of surfing and skateboarding into the largest sporting event in the world – the Olympics. However, people involved in the sport

Liam Hemsworth surfs in California

Liam was born in Melbourne, and by turning eight years old, his family moved to Phillip Island. He spent much of his time surfing with his Hollywood actor brothers Chris and

Drone Surfing : The future of extreme sports?

"drone surfing"
Apparently, we people can easily get bored of everything regardless the amount of enthusiasm that something provoked us in the beginning. In spite of the amount of coolness that drones

IOC announces 5 new sports for Tokyo 2020 Games

Earlier this summer we wrote about the intention of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to include 5 new sports for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. This is now official, as

Surfing legend – Kelly Slater

"surfing legend kelly slater"
With the surfing season underway, we will be presenting one surfing legend after the other. This week we’re presenting surfing legend Kelly Slater; 11-time Surfing World Champion and winner of

Surfers and Skateboarders dreaming Olympic dreams!

"surfers and skateboarders dreaming olympic dreams"
Just before the Rio Olympics commence on the 5th of August this year, the 129th International Olympic Committee (IOC) session will take place between 1st-4th of the same month. At

2016 Martinique Surf Pro

The Martinique Surf Pro is coming back for its second edition after a huge success in its maiden year in 2015. The 2016 Martinique Surf Pro is expected to be

The World’s Most Dangerous Extreme Sports

"BASE Jumping at Navagio Beach"
Extreme sports are exhilarating, exciting, adrenaline inducing, and dangerous in equal measure. The more daring the sport, the more likely it is that you will end up nursing an injury.

Surfing at one leg!

We have read news but this single one, consists of something more than just a challenge! It’s unbelievable the fact that Shawn Whitaker can and dares to surf at his

De Souza is 2015 World Surfing Champion

Mick Fanning gave a tough fight and kept the anticipation levels high all the way up to the semis, but the Brazilian had an incredible year and, after a decade of

Billabong Pipe Masters 2015

"Billabong pipe masters 2015"
The final event of the 2015 World Surf League season starts today December 8th and will keep our eyes focused on the North Shore’s epic Banzai Pipeline until Sunday, December

Flow Film Festival – All about board sports

"Flow Film Festival"
It’s the final countdown perhaps to the biggest board sports event in Greece, the much anticipated Flow Film Festival. The event involves screenings of movies and documentaries from the International

Star Wars going on surfing!

At the 27th of November, four star wars fans took their surfboards to ride the last big bore of the year on the river Severn in Gloucestershire. As you can

World Surfing Title up for grabs

"World Surfing Title up for grabs"
The anticipation for the World’s Surfing Champion is prolonged after Filipe Toledo’s (BRA) win in Portugal. Toledo’s win wasn’t unexpected, as this is his third win in this year’s Championship

Adaptive Surfing

"adaptive surfing"
We are all living challenging lives in a challenging world. Some people though are more challenged than others. Whether you believe in karma or destiny or just in random facts,

Mick Fanning on the lead

"Mick Fanning on the lead"
Two months after his encounter with a Great White during the final of the J-Bay Open, Mick Fanning jumped over Adriano de Souza at Trestles Beach, California, in the Hurley Pro Final.

The Endless Summer – Extreme movie night

"The Endless Summer"
I am not a surfer myself, but after watching this film I strongly believe that all surfers have to watch it at least once. So, if the sea is flat

Riding Waves – Robbie Maddison’s Pipe Dream

"riding waves"
Name an element! Call it Earth? Air? Water? There isn’t one that, pro freestyle motocross athlete, Robbie “Maddo” Maddison hasn’t conquered with his dirt bike! Maddo is a dreamer. As

Shark Tales while surfing

"shark tales"
Surely, the last thing surfing legend Mick Fanning had hoped for, whilst getting ready to tame the waves at the World’s Surf League event in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa on Sunday


"mcnamara 1"
While surfing can be considered an easy extreme sport to practice, a certain factor may turn this performance into a terrifying experience. Big waves is the key that make normal

The Beautiful Chaos of Surfing Pipeline

"chaos 1"
Catching up a fine wave to surf on is certainly any surfer’s goal so as to perform an amazing high speed wave cutting. Pipeline is the Yankee Stadium, center court

Maya Gabeira, an inspirational big wave surfing lady

"Maya Gabeira 1"
Maya Gabeira is a Brazilian big wave surfer, having recorded major surfing benchmarks in female big wave surfing competitions since 2007. On October 28, 2013, Maya lost consciousness and nearly

Malia Manuel, a female surfer pioneer

"Malia Manuel"
Women’s surfing has been always behind male surfers performances, trying to catch up with an unfair profile established over female surfer’s performance. However, from pin-up stars to performance athletes, the

Fiji 2015: GoPro Challenge Comp

"Surfboard fiji"
2014 Go Pro Challenge winner – http://worldsurfleague.wordpress.com/ Last year’s GoPro Challenge has produced some amazing footage of the world’s best surfing. The contest is back within another contest, during the