badenova Masters 2018 – Sick Jibs in the Depths of the Black Forest

"banenova Masters"
The 5th stop of QParks Tour took place within a beautiful Black Forest-region and presented sick contest action and smooth tunes from the speakers.  badenova Masters was a real freestyle spectacle for

Why Are Extreme Sports So Popular?

"kite skiing in alaska"
More and more people are beginning to realize that extreme sports, such as activities that include snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, and much more, are huge amounts of fun. They

Oakley Roof Battle 2017

The 10th and last QParks Tour Stop, completed on 30/04/2017 in Austria‘s Dachstein park. For the final showdown, every participant was welcomed with bluebird and a very challenging pro kicker line. This

Gold & Glory Results 2017

Blue skies and sunshine, all we can say for the seventh QParks Tour Stop which was completed at Axamer Lizum. This new golden roofpark with the slopestyle setup, has quickly

Nock ‘N’ Rock Results 2017

"Nock 'N' Rock 2017"
The 4th QParks Tour Stop was completed on February 11th, 2017. Taking place at Turracher Höhe, a high grade ski resort in Austria, participants consisted of incredibly top-notch riders from

Norway dominated in the opening of the 14th Pleasure Jam!

"Norway dominated at the opening of the 14th Pleasure Jam"
We had no doubt that the opening act of the 14th Pleasure Jam was going to be amazing, but what happened was beyond our imagination! Besides the alterations that the

Droneboarding is here. It’s a drone’s world!

"It's a drones' world - droneboarding"
As winter is getting closer, every extreme sport enthusiast out there is getting ready for some winter action. Where “winter” see “snow”. Late January last year, a new sport was

Winter is coming with the 1st QParks Tour Stop of the season!

"1st QParks Tour of the season"
For the 14th time, the season starts with QParks Tour! Winter has already come to the Dachstein glacier and everything is ready for another Pleasure Jam season, full of surprises and talented riders.

Volcano boarding!

"volcano boarding"
For the keen boarders of Nicaragua, snow boarding is officially old-school and volcano boarding is the new big thing! Volcano boarding is a relatively new extreme sport that’s massively evolving

5th QParks Tour Stop meets Sick Trick Tour Open!

The 13th of February 2016 marks the date for the Sick Trick Tour Open and the 5th QParks Tour Stop of the season and everybody is looking forward to it!

Red Bull Snowmusement Park

"Red Bull Snowmusement park"
What could anyone be doing in a waterpark in the middle of the winter? Not much, right? Well… Red Bull had a different idea. In fact, it has a name

Horizon Festival 2016 is calling!

"horizon festival 2016 is calling"
Horizon Festival 2016 is calling all winter mountain sports and music fans for 6 unforgettable days and nights, up high on Bulgaria’s beautiful and unexplored mountains! For the fourth time,

Flow Film Festival – All about board sports

"Flow Film Festival"
It’s the final countdown perhaps to the biggest board sports event in Greece, the much anticipated Flow Film Festival. The event involves screenings of movies and documentaries from the International

Pleasure Jam Vol.13 – This is where the season starts!

"Pleasure Jam Vol.13 - This is where the season starts!"
Ready – Set – Ride! For the 13th year, Pleasure Jam returns to open the winter snowboard season with the 1st QParks Snowboard Tour Stop on the 28th & 29th

The Crash Reel – Extreme movie night

"the crash reel"
If you are, or ever have been, an athlete who’s been through a serious injury that might had or has cost you the joy of practicing your passion, be prepared

Point Break: Extreme sports athletes conquer Hollywood

"Point Break 2015 trailer"
Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. are currently working on a remake of the film “Point Break”, written by Kurt Wimmer (“Salt,” “Law Abiding Citizen”) and directed by Ericson Core (“Invincible”).