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Are you looking for an adrenaline-filled activity to tone your body? If so, there are plenty of fantastic water sports that should be on your bucket list. Find out the seven challenging water sports to tone your body.

  1. Windsurfing

Those wanting to perfect their body while embarking on a fun water activity should look no further than windsurfing. That is because the water sport can place significant pressure on your abdominals, shoulders, arms, legs, and lower back, so it will work every muscle in your body. However, it can be a challenging activity to master, so you can expect to regularly end up in the water when first starting out, which is why we recommend investing in swimsuit that is resistant to sea salt, such as gottex swimwear.

  1. Paddle Boarding

One total body workout you’ll want to try is paddle boarding, as you’ll need to use your legs, core and butt for both stability and balance. You’ll also be required to use your arms, core and back to push your way through the water. So, not only will it tone almost every muscle in your body, but it will also improve both your balance and focus.

7 Challenging Water Sports to Tone Your Body

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  1. Kayaking

Have you ever tried the rowing machine at the gym? If you have, you’ll know it’s a fantastic workout that can help you shed a considerable number of calories. Kayaking is similar in style to a rowing machine, as the seated workout not only helps you to tone and strengthen your arms and torso, but you can develop a perkier butt and toned thighs, so you’ll feel confident both in and out of a swimsuit. To master the workout, keep your back straight while rotating your torso during every stroke. You can also squeeze your glutes to turn, balance and boost your power in the water.

  1. Scuba Diving

You might be surprised to discover that you can burn more than 500 calories during a single scuba dive. It’s therefore the ideal exercise for those looking for an exciting, low-impact workout. Not only can it help to tone your body, but the deep breathing techniques can also help to reduce your blood pressure and stress levels while increasing your lung function.

  1. Surfing

There is a reason why surfers have beautiful bodies. It’s because riding the waves allows a person to strengthen both their core and legs. Swimming on the board can also provide a non-stop cardio exercise. You’ll need plenty of energy, flexibility and determination to master the waves. It’s also essential to build up your endurance so you can successfully hang ten.

"kite skiing in alaska"


  1. Kitesurfing

Adrenaline will run through your blood stream with kitesurfing. There is no better way to move every muscle in your body, as you tackle the waves on a board while being guided by a kite. This fun-filled water sport will allow you to burn up to 600 calories an hour, as you use your arms, chest, shoulders, core and back to remain upright as you ride the waves. It’s vital for you to engage your core during the activity, as it will be much easier to kitesurf.

  1. Swimming

Swimming can help you to burn 450 calories per hour, so this is an effective way for you to lose weight, tone up and embrace a fun water sport. In addition to helping you shed fat and tone your muscles, it can also optimize your cholesterol levels and it’s a low impact exercise for your joints, which is ideal for anyone who suffers with limited flexibility.


Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. Water sports can provide a fun-filled workout that will have your heart rate pumping, calories burning and will allow you to tone muscles you never knew you had. As long as you know how to swim and aren’t afraid of a challenge, the seven sports listed above can be the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Have you tried any of the above water sports? Have we missed an important activity off our list? Please share your stories, tips, and favorite exercises with our readers by posting a comment below. We would love to hear from you.