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Time for the 6th QParks Tour Stop of the season

"Time for the 6th QParks Tour Stop of the season"
Time flies and it’s already time for the 6th QParks Tour Stop of the season. Turracher Höhe Snowpark in Turracher Höhe, Austria is preparing to welcome Europe’s and not only,

A Travel Guide to Turks and Caicos Islands!

"Travel Guide to Turks and Caicos"
Visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean is like vacationing in a aquarium. The water is so clear and vibrant with sea life you will never want to leave. You

Monster Jam…just began!

The well-known Monster Jam is a live tour as much as a television show that is operated by Feld Entertainment. This extreme sport takes place in the USA, sanctioned under

Cold Climate Cooking: How to Smoke & Grill after Shredding the Slopes

"Cold Climate Cooking"
After a cold day on the slopes, whether carving through fresh powder or hitting the crux of a climbing expedition, there’s nothing like a hot meal prepared fresh on the

The 2016 Extreme Sailing Series

"the 2016 extreme sailing series"
The 2016 Extreme Sailing Series celebrates this year its tenth season and the ISAF itself already refers to this Special Event on its calendar as the most exciting one up

Drifting On Ice!

"drifting on ice"
Some things in life you just can’t ignore. Good combinations for example. Someone baking using chocolate, butter and bananas. You just know the outcome will be great. I can’t imagine

Dave Mirra, X Games winner and BMX star, found dead

"Dave Mirra, X Games winner and BMX star, found dead"
Dave Mirra, X Games winner and BMX star, found dead at the age of 41… The sad news of his death were announced by the Greenville Police Department in an online

Steph Davis’ comeback!

Steph Davis is a professional climber who lost her husband in a wingsuit crash and considered giving up on everything. She made her first moves towards Base jumping after splitting with her

Wingboarding – Coming soon!!!

"Wingboarding - coming soon"
Wingboarding is to wakeboarding, what skydiving is to scuba diving… sort of! Briefly speaking, wingboarding is the new – still under construction – extreme sport in which the athlete is

5th QParks Tour Stop meets Sick Trick Tour Open!

The 13th of February 2016 marks the date for the Sick Trick Tour Open and the 5th QParks Tour Stop of the season and everybody is looking forward to it!

The World’s Most Dangerous Motorcycle Race – Can You Handle It?

Motorcycle racing is not for everyone. It’s fast, dangerous, and if you enter the Isle of Man TT race, you might not live to see another day. As a sport,

Four amazing British women crossed the Pacific after 257 days at sea!

Emma Mitchell, Natalia Cohen, Isabel Burnham and team leader Laura Penhaul and Lizanne Van Vuuren, Meg Dyos as reserve team members became the first female rowing crew to cross the