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Fitness matters quite a bit to most people, as well it should. The older you become, the more critical it is to stay flexible, healthy, and the proper weight for your height. It’s difficult to remain height-weight proportionate as you become an older adult.

"Mountain biking in San Pedro de Atacama"

However, the pandemic has made it challenging to stay fit and active. Some people remain inside because they want to encounter others as little as possible. This makes sense, particularly if you have an immunocompromised condition.

You still need to try to stay active, and here are some ways you can do it.

Go Bike Riding

You can always go bike riding. This is a good activity because:

  • It works several muscle groups
  • After you purchase a bike and helmet, there are no additional costs
  • You can do it alone or with a group

If you learned how to ride a bicycle when you were a kid, then you can easily pick it up again as an older person. There’s the initial cost for the bike, a helmet, and possibly pads or any other equipment you need. At that point, there are no more costs, like you pay with a monthly gym membership.

One thing about biking is that you need to watch out for traffic. If a vehicle hits you, you can get hurt, and then you might need to bring a lawsuit if it was the driver’s fault.

If this happens to you, be sure to act quickly because of the limitation statute. For instance, in Texas, the typical personal injury lawsuit limitation statute is two years, but it varies state by state.

Get Some Free Weights

You could also purchase some free weights and lift them at home. You can start small, with just some three or five-pound weights. Then, you can slowly move up to ten or fifteen.

Free weights:

  • Don’t cost very much
  • Last your entire life if you take excellent care of them
  • Can strengthen several body parts

If you combine lifting free weights with some stretching and aerobic activity, you can get a great workout. It’s similar to going to the gym, but you can do it safely from home, so you don’t have to fret about social distancing or mask-wearing.

You Can Go for a Walk

Another thing you might do is go for a walk around your neighborhood. It’s fall, and the weather is crisper in some regions, but you still have some time to walk around before you need to bundle up.

Walking is free, and if money is tight for you right now, that’s a big plus. You can also do it on your time, unlike trying to figure out when the gym won’t be too crowded.

You can move at your own pace, and you can listen to some music via earbuds or headphones if you like. You can also go alone or with family members or friends. You can do this every day as long as the weather cooperates, and you’ll burn some calories when you do.

You Can Try Yoga

You could also take up yoga if you have a spare room in your house or apartment. A study will do, or a finished basement. Anywhere you have a little space is ideal.

All you need is a yoga mat which you have to consider  are cork yoga mats good and some comfortable clothing. You don’t need formal training, though an introductory class is always helpful. However, there are so many YouTube videos that will show you the basic moves that you should be able to start from there.

Yoga improves strength, increases flexibility, and also quiets your mind. At a time when there’s a contentious presidential election and lots of other things going on in the world, you should certainly seek out some inner peace if you can.

Mirror or Peloton

You can also buy yourself a Mirror or a Peloton, or you can ask a family member to get you one for the holidays. These are home fitness devices on which you can take motivational classes.

They’re popular, but the one thing about them is that they are expensive. If you have the money for one, they’ll definitely help you stay in shape, but if you don’t have savings right now, they are not the best option.

All of these are things you can do if you want to avoid going back to the gym right now. If you return to the gym, wear a mask, and follow all safety precautions the CDC recommends.