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Racing is a passion, infused with a desire to win. Every racer, be it Motocross, Enduro, or ATV, jumps on the track with a motive of finishing the race with a trophy in their hand.

“Quad Biking at Bluff Creek ATV Park”

If you too are hitting the ATV racing track with the same motive, we have some insights for you. While several factors propel you towards victory, how fast your ATV runs on the racing track is the most decisive one. Here are 4 easy tricks that will make your ATV run faster on the track.

Trick#1: Clean the air filter

Keeping the filters clean is the easiest and the most inexpensive way of being on top of your ATV sprint.

Dirt, mud, twigs, rocks, and bugs get lodged into the air filters, and these clogged filters block the passage of air into the engine’s combustion chamber. The restriction in airflow also minimizes the amount of gasoline reaching inside, which subsequently causes less combustion and power.

Hence, make sure you clean the air filters before every race. If you are replacing the filters, buy only OEM filters to ensure performance and longevity. For instance, if you have a CFMoto ATV, make sure you use CFMoto air filters.

Trick#2: Check the tire pressure

Tire pressure influences traction, ride quality, and handling of your ATV. Check the tire pressure before every race.  Pressure, more than the recommended range, is not as bad as the pressure less than the recommended range. If you are low on pressure, it will put a strain on the wheelbase and cause the sidewall to get pinched between the rim and the road surface. Make sure you have the same pressure on both sides. Moreover, ideal tire pressure allows for a firm tire that helps you to take turns smoothly.

If we talk about ideal tire pressure, it varies according to the type of tires, rims, and type of track, i.e. the ideal tire pressure on the Motocross track, may not be recommended for the off-road trail. Therefore, check the manufacturer’s recommendation to find out what’s best for your tires according to the track or terrain you’ll be riding on.

The kind of tires you use also determines the performance of your quad on the racing track. Use tires that have a greater surface area, offering better traction. This will ensure better responsiveness and grip while racing. Furthermore, rear tires with a staggered pattern facilitate better contact and provide good control. The self-cleaning staggered pattern also keeps debris and mud away from the tire- preventing hydroplaning.

Trick#3: Change the gear ratio

Changing gear ratio or changing the sprockets denotes the size of the front and rear sprockets with respect to each other, i.e. the number of times the front sprocket rotates per one complete revolution of the rear sprocket.

Gearing down (either subtracting teeth from front sprocket or adding teeth to rear sprocket) provides better acceleration, but hinders the lower top-end speed. Gearing up (either removing teeth from rear sprocket or adding teeth to front sprocket) offers high top-end speed, but hinders acceleration. Choose a ratio that fits well to your riding style.

Whatever you do, make sure you do it gradually. Also, don’t change rear sprockets over 1-4 teeth in one go. It’s recommended not to change the front sprocket by over one tooth in one go.

Trick#4: Upgrade the exhaust system

Although expensive, this upgrade is a sure-shot way of increasing your speed on the track. If you are a little tight on the budget, consider upgrading only slip-on, which is a part of the complete exhaust system. This will reduce the overall weight and enhance power. With an upgraded slip-on, you will get 1 to 5 extra horsepower.

If you want more power, replace the pipes going from the cylinder head to the muffler. This will bring down the overall back pressure in the system. Plus, it will also improve the aesthetic and sound of your quad.


Every racer wants to win the race, but only one racer walks away with the trophy. If you want to be a winner, use these easy tricks to make your ATV glide in its full glory on the racing track.