Surfing in Tybee Pier, Savannah, Georgia USA

Level of experience:
Type of wave / quality / direction :
Beach-break, sloppy, right and left
Best wind direction:
Best swell direction:
Rocks, sharks
Savannah is the county seat of Chatham County and the oldest city in Georgia, USA. The city was established in 1733 and at the same year it became the colonial capital of the Georgia Province and later the first capital of Georgia. Today, Savannah is a strategic port city, industrial center and a very important Atlantic seaport.

The Hostess City of the South, as Savannah is known between locals is the fifth largest city in Georgia and is situated on the Savannah River, from whom it was named after, about 20 mi / 32 km upriver from the Atlantic Ocean.

Near Savannah lies Tybee Pier, an awesome beach, extremely popular among surfers. This public accessed beach is beautiful and due to its location very easy to find. All surfers are welcome on this beach regardless the level of experience. Novices can learn how to surf either alone or as suggested with a qualified instructor.

At the scene there are schools with the appropriate equipment and highly trained instructors, who love their job and will show you exactly what you have to do, if you want to learn how to surf. On the other hand, if you are an intermediate surfer or even an expert, you can enjoy a nice day dominating the sloppy waves and practicing on your moves and tricks.

The beach-break waves that come from both directions right and left are hollow, fast, fun and powerless disturbing sometimes the sandy bottom of the beach. The wind in its optimum direction blows from southeast and northeast, while the best swell direction is south, southeast, east and northeast. The swell starts from less than 1 m/3 ft and holds up to 2+ m/6+ ft.

Tides are rising and in their best position are mid and high. You should bear in mind that there are some hazards, as rocks and sharks. Although the water is usually mushy and the clean ride-able sessions are kind of rare, it is the best brake in Georgia, so on weekends it is very crowded. On week days, you will probably come across a few surfers though.

The beach is great and the spot is the best, so if you are a local or just happen to pass through the state and you find yourself near Savannah, you should definitely try surfing.