Mountain Biking in Big Bear Mountain Resorts, San Bernardino, California USA

Bikes weight:
Less tha 38 lb/17.2 kg
Designated tires:
Less than 2.5 ft/6.3 cm
Bear Mountain Ski Resort is located on the San Bernardino Mountain, by the Big Bear Lake, California, USA.

Big Bear Lake and Bear Mountain are two sisters resorts. These resorts operate under the same management and are known as Big Bear Mountain Resorts. Big Bear Mountain Resort offers mountain biking for all levels. Scenic Sky Chair takes you to some of the best mountain biking trails in southern California.

Bristlecone Trail east of base area and Towne Trail to the west are trails for novice riders, as they offer rolling gentle terrain. If you are an intermediate rider, there are many terrains, which are more challenging, like Skyline Drive from where you can have a perfect view of Big Bear Lake.

A single track steep climb can take you to Grandview Point, which is a beautiful spot to catch your breath and the beginning point to one of the most popular trails in the area, Towne Trail a 9 mi/14.5 km loop. There are some specifications you should follow, i.e. bikes must be less than 38 lb/17.2 kg, designated tires must be less than 2.5 in/6.3 cm, bikes must have at least 2 chain rings unless they are single speed and front shock shouldn’t be more than 7.5 in/19 cm.