Kayaking in Germasogia Water Dam, Limassol, Cyprus

1300-2000 m/4265-6561 ft depending on season
Best season:
All year
Skill level:
Germasogia is a village in Limassol district area, on the South coast of Cyprus. It was built, in ancient times, between two mountains so that it'd be hidden from enemies during the times when the island was in wars. Now, it is privileged to be surrounded by the same, yet evolved, beautiful scenery.

Germasogia water dam gathers a variety of water sports enthusiasts. It offers a beautiful location within close proximity to the city of Limassol, surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature.

The water dam is ideal for kayakers of all levels. Whether you are looking into trying a new sport, having your weekly practice or planning a professional training camp, in a country with 365 days/year of good weather, Germasogia is the place to be!!

Many of the local kayak clubs have their athletes training there, so do rowing clubs and a dragon boat club, so interaction with other athletes and water sports fans is guaranteed.