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While surfing can be considered an easy extreme sport to practice, a certain factor may turn this performance into a terrifying experience. Big waves is the key that make normal

Maya Gabeira, an inspirational big wave surfing lady

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Maya Gabeira is a Brazilian big wave surfer, having recorded major surfing benchmarks in female big wave surfing competitions since 2007. On October 28, 2013, Maya lost consciousness and nearly

Point Break: Extreme sports athletes conquer Hollywood

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Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. are currently working on a remake of the film “Point Break”, written by Kurt Wimmer (“Salt,” “Law Abiding Citizen”) and directed by Ericson Core (“Invincible”).

Find the Best Beaches for Big Wave Surfing in Hawaii

The birthplace of surfing, Hawaii and its beaches are unsurprisingly some of the best places to catch the biggest waves in the world. The following are only some of the

The World’s Most Extreme Waves with Big Wave Surfing in Hawaii

Hawaii is a well-known and the most-loved destination for big wave surfers. Fun, exotic colours, endless shopping and awesome big surfing fun is what one can enjoy in Hawaii. One