Snorkeling in El Ejido, Almeria, Andalusia Spain

Ship wrecks:
Guardias Viejas
El Ejido is a municipality of Almeria province, in the autonomous community of west Andalusia. It lies between the mountain range of Sierra de Gador and the Mediterranean Sea. Neighboring municipalities are Dalias and Vicar, Berja and Roquetas de Mar.

El Ejido offers a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters (12°C/53.60°F) and hot summers (28°C/82.40°F). Rainfall is low with wettest months being December and January. Water temperatures ranging from 22 to 23°C/71.60 to 73.40°F during summer and 15°C/59°F  during winter. Wave size is about 1 m / 3 ft maximum and swell direction is west, southwest and east.












El Ejido provides almost 25 km/15.5 mi of seaside and many beaches you can snorkel full of coral reefs, big rocks, cliffs and boulders. There are some ship wrecks to explore in the area. Also visit Almerimar and Balerma beaches.

Water visibility is quite clear, with a magnificent amount of sea-life, fishes and flora. You may encounter Medusa ocean sunfish and eels. There are also organized trips on boats with stops to swim and snorkel, exploring the nearby area.