Motorcycling in Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Lexington, Ohio USA

Road racing circuit:
One permanent
Primary configurations:
Track's length:
2.4 mi/3.8 km - 2.25 mi/3.6 km
15 - 13
Lexington is a village situated in Richland County, Ohio, USA. It is near Mansfield in central Ohio and part of the Mansfield-Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Area.

If you are a two wheels fun, there is a place in Lexington especially made for you, the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. It is an awesome facility that makes the dream of speed and rush come true.

Motorcycling is a sport, where combatants run to overpass each other in this battle stage, rising the adrenaline to dangerous levels and bringing a new sense of need for speed. In Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, the motorcyclists can repeatedly live this dream, racing on a permanent road circuit, containing two configurations.

The first one is a 2.25 mi/3.6 km track with 13 turns. The second one is the popular Mid-Ohio Track, a 2.4 mi/3.8 km miracle with 15 turns that has challenged the mettle of the world’s top riders for over four decades. The exciting thing is that anyone can be turned into a major driver, if he/she decides to participate in the lessons that are offered by the Mid-Ohio School.

This school has its home to the park line complex, which is a 300 ac/1.21 km², ready to welcome any ambitious motorcyclist. The programs offered are exciting, innovative and above of all entertaining, so drivers can always have fun while learning!!

The environment is safe and rises the driving and riding time, making sure that the participant’s skills are developing and advancing. It is your chance to race like a star on your motorcycle and feel the speed running through your body.