Scuba Diving in Pemba Island, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Long Rainy Season:
April to June
Short Rainy Season:
Best Visibility period:
September to November (60+m/197+ft)
Best Diving Season:
July to March (20°C/68°F Water Temperature)
Water Temperatures:
December to March 29°C/84.2°F and July to November 24°C/75.2°F
Pemba Island, the second of Zanzibar Island complex, is part of Tanzania and the nearest point of the country to the equator. Due to its particular geographical position, Pemba Island offers mild weather conditions and warm climate all year round. These conditions make Pemba a super scuba diving destination worldwide.

Pemba Island admittedly belongs to the most prestigious scuba diving destinations. The tropical weather conditions make the Island a hot dive spot, due to the incredible marine ecosystem with plentiful animals, colorful fishes and large, deep coral walls.

Most of the dive sites are located in the north-west part of the Island. The depths here reach 35 m/115 ft – 40 m/130 ft and the closer you get to the channel between Pemba and the coastline of the mainland, the presence of sharks becomes more intensive. The area is ideal for more experienced divers. The north coastline hosts several dive sites with most known the Shimba Hills (40 m/131 ft), the Manta Point (40 m/131 ft), the Uvinje Gap North and South (40 m/131 ft), the Mtanga (30 m/98.2 ft) and the Emerald Reef (40 m/131 ft) only to mention some top sites.

Along side the southwest seacoast of Pemba, there are several islets that host a number dive sites. The morphology of the seabed with coral gardens, reefs and cliffs that can reach over 800 m/2624 ft of vertical drop and the amazing abundance of marine biodiversity together with the pleasant temperatures and the untouched beaches, make Pemba Island a must destination worldwide for any diver.

Keep in mind that 99% of the population are Muslims, therefore, a more modest and conservative dress code and behavior in public places is recommended.