Extreme-ly unstoppable!

"extremely unstoppable"
Meet the extreme-ly unstoppable Jesi Stracham, a 23-year-old professional racer who grew up racing go-karts and the custom mini Grand Prix car that her dad built her. Before she was

Super Water Slide at Texas “Royal Flush”

"Flush 4"
Do you have the courage to let yourself slide along the Royal Flush? BSR Cable Park, at Waco, Texas, USA is hosting one of the most thrilling slide installation that

X Games 2015: Ryan Nyquist’s come back for gold in Austin

"Ryan Nyquist"
Ryan Nyquist is a legend in BMX tricks performance and undoubtedly a talented rider who dominates the arenas since 2003. With more than ten years since his last victory at

Metallica to perform at X Games Austin 2015

This years X Games event won’t be the same. Reknowned extreme athletes will be performing their tricks while Metallica will be headlining this action packed weekend at Circuit of the

Batman 4D Free Fly Coaster

"Batman Roller Coaster"
This is certainly not a common rollercoaster. The first 4D free-fly coaster opened its doors on May 23rd, 2015 in Six Flags Fiesta, Texas, USA. Attached in couples on a

TOP 10 Skydiving destinations

"Skydiving at False Bay"
Xtremespots.com presents the ten most famous destinations among its followers for skydiving around the globe. 1) Zadar, Croatia Zadar is a city with rich cultural heritage, located in Croatia on