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Austin, Texas arguably has some of the best golf courses in the nation, not the least of which is the Avery Ranch Golf Club. While searching ‘golf courses memberships near me‘ may be a great way of finding something within walking distance, the bold and the brazen golfers immediately seek out memberships at Avery Ranch.

Complete Lifestyle Support On Campus

You can eat, play, gather, group, host events, play 9 holes, 18 holes, and practice on all of our driving ranges all in one area. The complete and efficient design of the Avery Ranch Golf Club allows you to get everything done all at once, with a group or in a peaceful setting by yourself.

The variety of memberships available for singles, couples, families, and groups include all our services and benefits. The food is spectacular, hand-cooked, hand-breaded fine cuisine. The rivers and trees create a magnificent backdrop for your golfing, and your doctor will be pleased because of all of the extra exercise.

Unique Guest Services for All of Your Family and Friends

Each membership features special guest benefits so that your family and friends can join you out on the golf courses or for a nice lunch in the clubhouse itself. Ask our special concierge lady, Cynthia, for information about making additional guests feel extra welcome.

Men’s Only and Women’s Only Professional Associations

With events for MGA and WGA golf groups, stay within your comfort zone with people you know while also going out and making new friends at the same time. Events are a great opportunity for newcomers who need to network further and who don’t know anyone right off hand.

Group events also facilitate comparison so that you can reassure yourself of how well your current game really is. Find people in your own skill level and form bonds and friendships (and practice with our certified golf instructors in private to improve your game further). For some of you, there is a possibility to find friends from your sport business degree.

On-Course Club Services Plus Regular Meals at the Club Itself

Need a drink while playing your round for the day? Curb-side services, drinks, and snacks help to keep you going and feeling refreshed while you’re busy figuring out our tricky 3-par, 4-par, and 5-par holes.

After your golf game is done, relax with a proper meal and more golfing friends at the club itself. Shower, get changed and finish off the afternoon with a nice snack with your buddies before heading home.

Schedule Tee Times from Your Home Phone or Via Your Smart Phone

If you don’t want to come to the club to schedule ahead, you don’t have to. You can schedule your tee times online, over your home phone, and with your smartphone. All services, benefits, times, and scheduling are available through all three options.

Lessons for Juniors, Adults, Ladies, and Co-Ed Groups

Feeling the competitive edge, or perhaps feeling a little behind-the-times? Get your game up to par with private lessons in all membership levels and learn from fellow newbies and from people who are also wanting to improve beyond their current level.

Avery Ranch Golf Club has been voted “Top Luxury Course”, “Best Place to Hold a Corporate Event”, and have received 4 1/2 stars on “Best Places to Play”.

Avery Ranch Golf Club is a complete service facility for all of your dining, snacking, golfing, driving, and practicing needs. Your friends and competitors will keep you laughing and engaged, and your high-quality experience will leave you feeling new and refreshed.