Wakeboarding in Neue Donau, Danube Riber, Vienna Austria

Rixen cableway system:
4 pole system, length 832 m (2729 ft) height 11 m (36 ft)
Average wind direction:
Average wind speed:
8 knots/14 kph
Average air temperature:
8 - 20°C/46.4 - 68°F
Vienna is the largest city, the capital of Austria and one of the nine Austrian states. The city is situated in the east of Austria and is close to the borders with Hungary, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. Vienna represents a cultural, political and economic center. It is also regarded as the city of music due to its diverse musical legacy and city of dreams as it was home to the world famous scientist, Dr. Sigmund Freud. However, Vienna is also known for its big sporting activity.

One very popular sport in Vienna is wakeboarding. Although it is kind of weird to perform such an extreme sport in the Austrian capital, since Vienna has no sea around or even near, wakeboarding is being practiced in Neue Danub (New Danube). There is a Rixen cableway system with a 4 pole system that has a length of 832 m /2729 ft long and lately since 2010 at a staggering height of 11 m /36 ft above the ground.

At Neue Danub, there are also wake-boarding courses taking place so there are small and large ramp units that provide the courses with the right variation. There are more obstacles to come at the next years. The weather conditions at the site are suitable for wake-boarding. Average wind blows from the west, west-northwest and southeast with an average speed of 8 knots (≤ 14 kph).

The air temperature varies depending on the season and ranges between averages of 8 – 20 °C/46.4 – 68°F. The river is very long and the width varies so you may come along a lot of other wake-boarders and many other athletes. Around and on the lift you will find schools and shops that with their experienced and friendly staff are ready to serve you. Don’t miss the opportunity to try wake-boarding at Neue Danub.