Daring Celebrities

Have you ever wondered about the people who dared to try extreme sports? Did you know that famous people are included in those ones? Well, making a research about the

Speedflying through buildings in Hawaii

"speedfly 1"
Gage Galles takes speedflying to the next level as he slides on air between two buildings in Hawai, USA. Gage Galles is a professional parachute flyer, who loves to speed

Malia Manuel, a female surfer pioneer

"Malia Manuel"
Women’s surfing has been always behind male surfers performances, trying to catch up with an unfair profile established over female surfer’s performance. However, from pin-up stars to performance athletes, the

Find the Best Beaches for Big Wave Surfing in Hawaii

The birthplace of surfing, Hawaii and its beaches are unsurprisingly some of the best places to catch the biggest waves in the world. The following are only some of the