World’s Biggest Athletes Naked

"naked 7"
Olympic Games record men and women, professional athletes, world’s champions but most of all dedicated souls working with their body as a tool, strike some amazing poses, demonstrating its strenght

Point Break: Extreme sports athletes conquer Hollywood

"Point Break 2015 trailer"
Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. are currently working on a remake of the film “Point Break”, written by Kurt Wimmer (“Salt,” “Law Abiding Citizen”) and directed by Ericson Core (“Invincible”).

Extreme sports athletes N.Kaklamanakis, H. Levin, S. Medysky, A. Sterry, W.Tonkin, S. Hauser reveal what would like to be their greatest achievements

Nikos Kaklamanakis: I certainly think the Olympic Gold Medal as a top honor, but I can not single out one distinction, all are the same important from my first National