Luke Aikins on a skydive without parachute!

"luke aikins"
Many things in life seem impossible, until someone with the proper amount of courage and the right approach proves otherwise. This was the case of Luke Aikins who set on

William Trubridge set a new World Record

"William Trubridge set a new world record"
The freediving world literally first remained speechless and then burst into the most heartfelt applause in awe when William Trubridge set a new World Record in the Free-Immersion (FIM) freediving

Check out the deepest cave in the world: a panoramic view of a sea mountain

On the 23rd of September 2015, an Austrian cave driver named Patrick Widmann, broke the world record in cave diving. In the island of the Dominican Republic, Patrick dove into

Danny Way breaks his own highest air record

"danny way world record"
What if he kept relatively quiet on his world record breaking habit? Danny Way, perhaps the most legendary skateboarder of all, broke his own highest air on a skateboard record