Skiing in Monte Baldo, Garda Lake, Veneto Italy

Prà Alpesina chairlift:
1430m/4690ft - 1830m/6003ft altitude
Monte Baldo:
1 green run / 2 blue runs / 2 red runs / 1 black run
9km/5.59mi of slopes
Monte Baldo mountain chain and its surrounding area, in Lake Garda, is the perfect open playground for winter mountain sports fans. From December until March, Monte Baldo offers to ski fans an amazing skiing season. The eastern slopes of the Mountain are more friendly for ski activities due to the surface conditions - it is less rocky. The most famous slope in the zone is the Prà Alpesina, a black marked run and fixed training point for many national championships as well as regional and national ski events.

The ski resort is suitable as well for skiers with less experience and limited skills. The blue run Paperino is addressed to the beginners and there are as well nursery slopes for children.  For more advanced skiers, Colma and Pozza, red marked runs, meet all the demanding skiers standards for a wonderful ski experience. The Italian Winter Sport Association is often holding events and competitions on the spot.

In Malcesine, a very modern lift system is operating with an exceptionally futuristic designed cabin which offers a 360º view to the Garda Lake, the Padana plateau and the magnificent Alps. The highest point that the lift can reach is Tratto Spino peak at 1760 m/5774 ft of altitude. The cable way system operates throughout the night, even during rough climate conditions. So, get ready for super excitement!!