Deadly weekend in the French Alps cost 5 people their lives

"deadly weekend in the french alps"
Two climbers, a wingsuit jumper, a paraglider and a hang glider instructor are the five extreme sports athletes who lost their lives this past deadly weekend in the French Alps. Early

The World’s Most Dangerous Extreme Sports

"BASE Jumping at Navagio Beach"
Extreme sports are exhilarating, exciting, adrenaline inducing, and dangerous in equal measure. The more daring the sport, the more likely it is that you will end up nursing an injury.

Wingsuit Hot Air Balloon Jump

"balloon 1"
Parachuting can be considered a common flying activity among fly sports fans, however jumping off a hot air balloon and floating over 6,000 ft high on a wingsuit, can certainly

Wingsuit Flying Over Mount Bromo Volcano in Indonesia

"Wingsuit Volcano"
Watch how the fearless Red Bull Skydive Team performs an incredible wingsuit flight over the active volcano of Mount Bromo in Indonesia.