Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Huguenot Memorial Park Beach, Jacksonville, Florida USA

Skill Level:
Beginners and Advanced
Best season:
All year round
Best wind direction:
Southeast, Southwest, Northwest
Parking, camp site
Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida State, located on the banks of St. John's River and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. With 300 days of long sunshine, a coastline of over 20 mi/32 km long, inter-coastal waterways and the largest urban park system in the country, Jacksonville is a paradise and a top destination for outdoor activities and holidays all year round.

With humid subtropical climate, Jacksonville has hot humid summers with light thunderstorms during the afternoon hours and mild freezes during winter. The overall year temperature varies from 18 to 33°C (64 to 92°F) all year round.

Huguenot Memorial Park is located in the north of  Jacksonville and is a wonderful park that provides with beach access by car. The park’s beach is wide with white, stretching down to the sea and is fronted by both the ocean and the mouth of St. John’s River.

The north side of the inlet is the best location to perform kite-boarding, especially during high tide. This place is ideal for beginners so as to learn how to kite board since it is a flat water spot. The type of the wave is brake water and it usually takes a right direction.

The onshore winds help to build up the power of your kite and when combined with the current, coming from the inlet, the upwind created, offers some of the best kite boarding conditions in the area. The best thing about Huguenot Memorial Park’s beach is that you can kite board with almost any wind direction. Since this is a national park, there are rare birds nesting that visitors must not disturb. Kite boarders should be careful of offshore winds and sharp shells.