Adaptive Surfing

"adaptive surfing"
We are all living challenging lives in a challenging world. Some people though are more challenged than others. Whether you believe in karma or destiny or just in random facts,

Mick Fanning on the lead

"Mick Fanning on the lead"
Two months after his encounter with a Great White during the final of the J-Bay Open, Mick Fanning jumped over Adriano de Souza at Trestles Beach, California, in the Hurley Pro Final.

The Endless Summer – Extreme movie night

"The Endless Summer"
I am not a surfer myself, but after watching this film I strongly believe that all surfers have to watch it at least once. So, if the sea is flat

Get Proper Instructions of Surfing in California

The big wave surfing fun in California offers you an excellent weekend, filled with fun and adventure. If you are beginner in surfing then, you must be really careful as