Daring Celebrities

Have you ever wondered about the people who dared to try extreme sports? Did you know that famous people are included in those ones? Well, making a research about the

Extreme Women – Bruna Kajiya

"extreme women bruna kajiya"
Water is Life! For some lucky individuals, their entire life evolves around water. Bruna Kajiya is one of them! Born and raised on the water, Bruna developed from an early

What’s the best extreme sport for the solo traveller? – Kitesurfing

"best extreme sport for the solo traveller"
The debate over what’s the best extreme sport for the solo traveller has been going on both in my mind – in esoteric conversation – as well as in discussions with friends.

Chapter One – The Kiteboard Legacy Begins

"chapter one - the kiteboard legacy begins"
Calling all extreme sports fans. This is a movie that will take your breathe away. Captivating, versatile, inspiring, thought-provoking. Chapter One The Kiteboard Legacy Begins. Two and a half years,

A Travel Guide to Turks and Caicos Islands!

"Travel Guide to Turks and Caicos"
Visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean is like vacationing in a aquarium. The water is so clear and vibrant with sea life you will never want to leave. You

Big Air´n Style On The Rise Open Airstyle Hangout

"Open Airstyle Hangout "
Who thinks kiteboarding offers more than freestyle-jumps with handle passes should read on now. Toby Braeuer, for many grandmaster of old-school-kiteboarding and godfather of Airstyle, invites the kiting world to