Bruce Cook’s Paraplegic Backflip

"bruce cook"
Bruce Cook, now 28, is a freestyle motocross athlete who made his first appearance as a rookie in the Moto X Best Trick event at X Games Los Angeles 2012. Two

Meet Kenny Belaey – The Magician

"Meet Kenny Belaey"
On the occasion of his comeback at the second part (#2) of the 2016 UCI Trials World Cup, I have the pleasure to introduce you to a spectacular extreme sports

Extreme-ly unstoppable!

"extremely unstoppable"
Meet the extreme-ly unstoppable Jesi Stracham, a 23-year-old professional racer who grew up racing go-karts and the custom mini Grand Prix car that her dad built her. Before she was

Inspirational Athletes

"Inspirational athletes"
I consider athletes – myself included –  to be of the most persevering creatures around. I generally believe that athletes, whatever the sport may be, are the closest to Superhero a