Skate Boarding in Ulenbergpark, Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia Germany

Park features:
Large bank corner, banks, Londongap, Miniramp, curbs.
Entrance fee:
Düsseldorf is the center of the Rhine – Ruhr metropolitan region and the capital city of the German state of North Rhine – Westphalia. It is known for its fine arts, its relatively large Japanese community and its pioneering influence on experimental – electronic music. Nonetheless, Düsseldorf is also famous for its extreme sports activities, being performed in the wider area.

In Düsseldorf, the Ulenbergpark has opened its gates in 2009, separating skate boarders from BMX riders. For the skateboarders, it is anything their heart would beat for. This concrete-made park is perfect both for beginners and professionals. The spray – concrete area hosts challenging ramps and structures, inviting any skateboarder to just show off.

The park offers a rounded shape, so you may have the feeling of skating in a boiler. It also hosts a China Wall with a large bank corner, banks, Londongap, Miniramp and curbs. There is anything except half-pipe and flat rail. Safety must not be ignored, on the contrary skaters are invited to stick to safety rules.

Wearing helmet and protective clothing is not to be perceived as not being a cool dude. It indicates that you are aware of the risk and protect yourself from getting injured. There is no entrance fee.