Surfing in Pebble Beach, Crescent City, California USA

Not surf:
High tide
Pebble beach is an incorporating community in Monterey County, in the Monterey Peninsula, California, USA. Partially Pebble beach belongs to Del Norte Forest Foundation.

It borders Carmel by the Sea to the south, City of Monterey to the east, Pacific Grove to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It offers easy accessibility from Highway 101. The beach is 3ft elevated. It is a destination, famous for the golf course. Originally, the name Pebble beach was given to a rocky cove, small part of the Rancho Pescadero Mexican land.

It includes an inter-tidal zone and a pine forest. The forest of Monterey Pine is habitat to numerous rare and endangered species. The beach is popular to surfers, offering a consistent beach – break. It varies from rock to sandy. It cannot be surfed at high tide. It is a relatively safe place to ride some medium sized waves.