Common Hiking Injuries and How to Treat Them

"Hiking The Paine Cirquit Trail"
Hiking is quickly becoming a popular pastime activity for many people across the US. It is an easy hobby to get into and a relaxing – and challenging – one

The Extreme Sporting Guide to India

When you think extreme sports, you think New Zealand, but there is so much the world has to offer. India, for instance, is a beautiful country with beautiful people. It

10 Extremely Deadly Hiking Trails

Angel’s Landing, Utah Angel’s Landing is a fairly popular hiking trail that many people like to visit. It’s also a hiking trail that contains narrow sandstone ridges, which lead up

Dare You Hike America’s Most Haunted Trails?

"Hiking trail in Swansea"
Ghosts will Test Your Hiking Skills to the Extreme Who says that you can only see ghosts on Halloween? Around the world, people are taking up a new extreme sport:

What’s the best extreme sport for the solo traveler? – Trekking

"best extreme sport for the solo traveller"
Growing up, we all had a place where we would retreat to when life felt more overwhelming than usual. Our secret place, a place of absolute calmness and quietness, a