Wingsuit Hot Air Balloon Jump

"balloon 1"
Parachuting can be considered a common flying activity among fly sports fans, however jumping off a hot air balloon and floating over 6,000 ft high on a wingsuit, can certainly

Speedflying through buildings in Hawaii

"speedfly 1"
Gage Galles takes speedflying to the next level as he slides on air between two buildings in Hawai, USA. Gage Galles is a professional parachute flyer, who loves to speed

MTB downhill the Namibia Dunes

"Namimbia Dunes"
Who says that a mountain bike can only be used for concrete mountains descending? Watch how Go Pro athlete Andi Tillmann travels with his best friends to Namibia in search

Shotgun Balloon Skydiving Drop

"Shotgun Ballon Drop"
GoPro Athlete Erik Roner let a bunch of 90 weather balloons float him at 8,000 feet into the sky in a lawn chair. Watch how he pops the balloons with

Synchronized Skydive in Dubai

"Skydive in Dubai"
Skydiving can be considered to be nowadays a common extreme sport. However, dancing in the air while falling from 10,000 ft is not that common. Watch how Russian skydivers Aleksander

Fiji 2015: GoPro Challenge Comp

"Surfboard fiji"
2014 Go Pro Challenge winner – Last year’s GoPro Challenge has produced some amazing footage of the world’s best surfing. The contest is back within another contest, during the