Extreme Freestyle Paragliding Tricks

"Extreme Freestyle Paragliding"
Flying a kite from the ground can be one safe practice, however, flying by being attached to a kite and flipping eleven times in a row and performing extreme tricks

Free Diving into the Dean’s Blue Hole Ambyss

"Void 2"
The Dean’s Blue Hole, an inland flooded cave of 662ft depth in the Bahamas, becomes every freediver’s challenging endeavour to ever perform. Knowing what it physically takes to reach such

Ten Days with LEN10: Live Life!

"Live Life"
Famous kitesurfer athlete Ruben Lenten presents in this second episode of ”Ten days with LEN10:Live Life” his amazing experience of freediving with sharks in Durban, South Africa. Watch how Ruben

Batman 4D Free Fly Coaster

"Batman Roller Coaster"
This is certainly not a common rollercoaster. The first 4D free-fly coaster opened its doors on May 23rd, 2015 in Six Flags Fiesta, Texas, USA. Attached in couples on a

Natalia Molchanova sets new record for 2015 in free diving

"Natalia Molchanova freedive"
The famous Russian Free diver Natalia Molchanova has made it again. Participating in the Russian Open Championship that took place in Dahab, Egypt on May 13th, 2015, Natalia Molchanova has

“Freefly the World” – Synchronized Skydive over Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

"Freefly the World Lauterbrunnen Switzerland "
Jokke Sommer and Petter Jonsson can be considered to be as the master chiefs of synchronized skydiving. Launching their “Freefly the World” tour, they have performed a breathtaking skydive jump