Paragliding in Bray Head, Dublin, Ireland

Skill Level:
Type Of Flying:
Best Wind Direction:
East, Northeast
Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and it nestles at the mouth of the River Liffey. The climate here is classified as a maritime climate, usually with cool summers and mild winters. This vibrant city is noted as much for its Georgian buildings, museums, theaters and attractions, as for its leisure activities and adrenaline-fuelled adventures.

Bray is the fourth largest city in Ireland and it is located approximately 20 km/12 mi south of Dublin, on the east coast. It is a popular seaside resort with a plethora of hotels, restaurants and pubs that attract visitors all year long. But that is not all, Bray is also a great destination for walkers, climbers and paragliders, due to the proximity to Bray Head. Bray Head is a hill, at about 241 m/791 ft height and it forms part of the Wicklow Mountains.

The main launch area is on the north side of the spot, a few meters below the top of the head. The take off altitude is at 143 m/469 ft above sea level and the take off point is found at 53°11’15” (53.1875)N; 6°4’48” (6.0802)W. The optimum wind direction is from the east, northeast and the ideal time to visit the site is during spring and summer months.

In addition, landing takes place in a sloped field, on the car park or on the nearby beach. The landing point is found at 53°11’57” (53.1992)N; 6°5’33” (6.0926)W, at an elevation of 19 m/62.3 ft. Last but not least, Bray Head is appropriate for more advanced pilots.

Note: the spot is reachable by Dart and by car. If you decide to travel by car, you can park your car at Raheen Park and then choose one of the paths that lead to the take off point.