Top Extreme Athletes: WATER

WATER is what keeps us alive and clean…it’s tranquil sometimes but wild most of the time, depending the way you use it to transform. Insomuch as we had talked about the Top

Surfing at one leg!

We have read news but this single one, consists of something more than just a challenge! It’s unbelievable the fact that Shawn Whitaker can and dares to surf at his

TOP 10 Skydiving destinations

"Skydiving at False Bay" presents the ten most famous destinations among its followers for skydiving around the globe. 1) Zadar, Croatia Zadar is a city with rich cultural heritage, located in Croatia on

Skydiving in Florida – Real Thrill and Laughter

Florida offers many fantastic spots for skydiving, all year long. No matter which drop off zone in Florida you chose, you are guaranteed to have a good time. The Florida