13 Fantastic Adventures and Where to Find Them

The Earth is vast, and so finding its hidden gems can be time consuming and difficult. As an avid traveler and thrill-seeker, you want to find and discover the most

5 Places to Go Scuba Diving

5 Places to Go Scuba Diving
There are so many amazing places to go diving, so you are bound to be spoilt for options when selecting the best destinations. To help narrow down your search, we

Four amazing British women crossed the Pacific after 257 days at sea!

Emma Mitchell, Natalia Cohen, Isabel Burnham and team leader Laura Penhaul and Lizanne Van Vuuren, Meg Dyos as reserve team members became the first female rowing crew to cross the

TOP 10 Skydiving destinations

"Skydiving at False Bay"
Xtremespots.com presents the ten most famous destinations among its followers for skydiving around the globe. 1) Zadar, Croatia Zadar is a city with rich cultural heritage, located in Croatia on