7 Challenging Water Sports to Tone Your Body

7 Challenging Water Sports to Tone Your Body
Are you looking for an adrenaline-filled activity to tone your body? If so, there are plenty of fantastic water sports that should be on your bucket list. Find out the

Blue Lagoon Power Trip in Dahab, Egypt

"Dahab Blue Lagoon"
Freestyle windsurfing is probably the most incredible and extreme sport one can ever try. Blue Lagoon in Dahab, Egypt is one of the most breathtaking location for performing freestyle windsurfing.

Metallica to perform at X Games Austin 2015

This years X Games event won’t be the same. Reknowned extreme athletes will be performing their tricks while Metallica will be headlining this action packed weekend at Circuit of the

True Wind, A windsurf and art project

"True Wind"
During the imaginary shot in an underground rainwater reservoir in Vienna – www.continentseven.com What if someone tells you that windsurfing can be also transformed into art? TRUE WIND is a