Paragliding in Emmetten, Lucern, Switzerland

Launching area altitude:
1580 m/5183 ft
Altitude difference:
800 m/2624 ft
GPS Coordinates launching site:
N 46°56'48.00" E 8°32'09.00"
Landing area altitude:
780 m/2559 ft
GPS Coordinates landing site:
N 46°57'26.50" E 8°31'00.00"
Lucerne is the capital of the Canton of Lucerne and the district of Lucerne. It is situated on the shore of Lake Lucerne with a sight of Rigi and Mount Pilatus on the Swiss Alps, in the north central Switzerland, the German speaking part of the country. Lucerne is the most populous city in central Switzerland and a nexus of telecommunications, government and transportation of this region. Lucerne has always been a very attractive destination for tourists.

Nonetheless, Lucerne is a sports center with possibilities for air sports performances in their greatness. Paragliding is one of them and is very popular in Lucerne. Near Lucerne, there is Emmetten where paragliding is taking place. The launching area lies at 1580 m/5183 ft altitude and is waiting for you for a breathtaking take off!

At first when you arrive, the tandem master will give short instructions and help you put on your equipment. When weather conditions are right, the tandem pilot will lift the paraglider from the ground and after making a few steps, you will find yourself smoothly lifted into the air and off the mountain. The flight is a dream that just came true.

You are sitting comfortably and you are silently gliding and rising with the thermal. You can admire the Swiss Alps from a different perspective. As the world below is getting smaller and smaller, the less all your problems and thoughts would keep your mind busy. You are free comfortably flying in your harness.

But all the nice things come to an end eventually. The landing time comes and the tandem master lands the gigantic parachute gently on the ground. This is not necessarily the end of your dream for flying. You can always repeat the dream! Make a booking and live it again and again!