5 Toughest Places in the World to Go Ice Climbing

"Ice Climbing Glacier Zapata"
Ice climbing is, by its very definition, one of the most dangerous sports out there. However, there are certain specific spots around the world that will make even the most

The 5 Best Sports Venues in Canada

The 5 Best Sports Venues in Canada
If there’s one thing that’s true about Canadians, it’s that they’re crazy about sports. The traditional American sports, like baseball and American football, are incredibly important to the population, being

13 Fantastic Adventures and Where to Find Them

The Earth is vast, and so finding its hidden gems can be time consuming and difficult. As an avid traveler and thrill-seeker, you want to find and discover the most

Juanito’s vision for the next generation of Peruvian Kayakers

"Juanito 8"
The Juanito de Ugarte Memorial Scholarship has been created in 2015, after the tragic passing away of famous Peruvian kayaker, “Juanito” de Ugarte in November 2014. Originally from Cusco, Peru,

Climbing the Frozen Niagara Falls

"Climbing Niagara Falls"
Professional climber and paraglider from Alberta, Canada and one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year, Will Gadd, has decided to challenge himself by taking ice climbing to a new

Mission Impossible: Keyhole Falls Kayak Drop

"Keyhole Falls Kayak Drop"
Keyhole Falls, the 3,000-cubic-metre-per-minute flow is not a typical water fall you may have in mind. Keyhole Falls shoot out of a massive rock wall, located in the Lillooet River

JACKALOPE action sports festival More action, more performance!

"Jackalope 2014"
Montréal, Wednesday, July 2, 2014 – After an unprecedented success with MUD ROCKER last weekend, which welcomed some 18,000 people, Tribu Expérientiel  and the Action Sports Association are set to