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Plus Reasons You Should Consider Substituting!

The feeling of hot coffee gulping down our throats every morning, taking away sleepiness and instilling a wakeful sensation, is the beginning of a beautiful day for most of us.

However, although coffee has a number of benefits, like its antioxidant, vitamin, mineral, and wakeful effects, it still has the potential to cause harm. 

Ranging from requiring so much sugar for a bitter taste mask, to coffee jitters and its diuretic activity, coffee might just not be the best morning drink for everyone. If coffee doesn’t really sit well with you, there are many healthier alternative drinks.

This guide contains details on six healthy coffee alternatives and why you should consider them instead. Stay glued and learn more.

Why Coffee Can Be Unhealthy

As earlier stated, despite its beautiful benefits, repeated coffee consumption can lead to health challenges and depreciation in the health status of individuals. A few of these health challenges include:

1.High blood pressure

Research has shown that coffee raises blood pressure for up to three hours after consumption. This is usually worse for people already hypertensive and for people who are not used to taking coffee. For these categories of people, coffee is not advised.

2. Gout attacks

The risk for gouts is known to be increased in people who consume sugar drinks more than those who don’t. The amount of sugar syrup used with coffee by most people, in order to mask its undesired taste, is usually plenty. This makes coffee a leading cause of gouts in most people.

3. Heart attack

Daily coffee consumption also predisposes one to development of heart attack in the future, by consistently increasing blood pressure. This can be deadly, and a good enough reason to consider other healthier alternatives.

4. Insomnia

The caffeine content of coffee is a known anti sleep agent. The presence of caffeine in one’s system can go a long way in causing insomnia, in the long run.

5. Headaches

Caffeine can make one so awake and overactive that headaches set in. When coffee becomes a constant routine, constant headaches are bound to come.

Six Healthy Alternatives To Coffee

1.Matcha Tea

This is a kind of green tea. It is rich in the amino acid, l-theanine, which is a natural antianxiety agent. Thus, it does not impart the negative effects of caffeine such as anxiety, increased heart rate and hypertension, while imparting its positive effects that makes for a good start of the day. Matcha tea can be substituted with any other green tea, if it’s not available.

This tea is best enjoyed by mixing with warm milk, or adding matcha powder to other drinks like smoothies.This gives such a great feeling a hot cup of coffee does. 

For those who like iced tea, matcha powder can also be prepared as such.

2. White tea

White tea is widely known for its antiinflammatory and antioxidant effects. It has been used over time as an antiaging agent by many. Moreover, it doesn’t stain teeth,  and it’s very good for those who are watching their sugar intake. White tea containers minimal amount of caffeine

3. Rooibos tea

This is a caffeine-free team that is also rich in antioxidants and the perfect early morning drink.  Caffeine in coffee is not good for those with kidney problems. This tea is a perfect substitute for that. Another research states that this tea works for hypertension, as it is and ACE-inhibitor. Hence, it is recommended for those with high blood pressure. Although, they are required to go for routine checkups.

Additionally, this tea also works for nausea and diarrhea. Hence, it is also good for those who struggle with morning nauseas and stomach upsets.

4. Mushroom coffee

I know what you’re thinking!  No, it doesn’t. Mushroom coffee is nowhere near the taste of mushrooms. Yes, it’s made from mushrooms, but tastes very close to coffee.

However, this isn’t made from just any mushroom, but medicinal mushrooms; those rich in adaptogens. These adaptogens are natural anti stress agents, and are a good way to start the day. It’s good to know you can get this without having to be sorry about the headaches coffee imparts.

5. Lemon in warm water

This is a form of alternative medicine that is known to work greatly for weight loss and digestive problems. It is also part of ayurvedic medicine. It is prepared by squeezing lemon juice into a cup of warm water. This is a perfect early morning drink to prepare one for a smooth day. 

In addition, it also helps with hydration as it is over 90% water. This hydration is of great health benefits, such as preventing fatigue and helping to cleanse the system. Lemon is also known to help with muscle stiffness, inflammation, and fighting of diseases, as it is rich in vitamin c.  The good part is, this tea is cheap and very easy to prepare.

6. Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

This is a disturbed acid drink, made of apple, yeast and bacteria. It is very beneficial for hyperglycemia as it is known to increase insulin sensitivity. Hence, it is recommended for type-1 diabetic patients with close monitoring of course.

Many studies including this has shown how effective ACV is in reduction of blood sugar levels for those with insulin insensitivity. Other studies have also shown its effect in weight loss by causing a reduction in appetite.  This means that, for those looking to lose weight, ACV is also a perfect morning drink.

Importantly, ACV is acidic and can be harmful, hence it must be diluted first. A spoon of honey can be added as a sweetening agent.

Additionally you can always check the DoFasting review.

Final Words

Coffee has truly been enjoyed by many over the years, but more research is exposing the health threats that are hidden in such a beautiful drink. For many already at risk of getting worse health wise, it is best to avoid caffeine and open for healthier choices. For those who aren’t addicted to coffee yet, it is best to just bid it goodbye.

These six alternatives to coffee are much healthier and even cheaper. Remember that beyond our taste buds, our health does matter.