Rock Climbing in Tower of Ridge-Ben Nevis, Fort William, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Dramatic rock features
With an altitude of 1344 m/4409 ft, Ben Nevis is the highest mountain of Scotland. Fort William, on Ben Nevis' foot, is the central town of the Highlands. The Tower of Ridge is one of the most interesting routes up to the summit. Pretty demanding rock climbing abilities are required during the ascent.

Tower of Ridge, at 600 m/1968 ft length, is maybe the most interesting way up to the summit of Ben Nevis. Although, often underestimated, it is a big undertaking. The ridge extends from Charles Inglis Clark hut in Coire Leis to the closest highest point of the mountain. It has been categorized as an alpine route because of its sufficient length.

There are four central points that you need to bear in mind. The first is Douglas Boulder, where experienced ice climbing skills are required. The second is the Little Tower and the third one is the Great Tower. These points require the same manipulations on behalf of practitioners, since they are quite steep in a particular way. The fourth and final key point is the Tower Gap, which is the crux of the route. A small nick on the ridge creates a gap of 3 m/9 ft deep. This is where you should reorganize your ascent, because the ridge is really narrow here.

As for the essential gear, a 50 m/164 ft rope, several slings, six quick draws and a few hexes will be necessary during your venture.